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Several years ago we bought our first 'old time' dealer out. That was the first collection that we bought full cases of original catalogues. Since then we have done the same thing on at least 4 other occasions. For instance at one time we had over 1000 1956 catalogues in stock. All from original cases, all truly mint. Over the years we have been selling these catalogues through ads in magazines.

If you would like to see a complete selection and prices of American Flyer catalogues in stock, plus thousands of electric trains, please visit our price list. Or go to our searchable database and do a search on 'American Flyer Paper'.

1940 Consumer Catalogue (D1333) 10-3/4" x 8-1/4" , black/white/yellow, 48 pages. This is one of the last American Flyer three rail catalogues. I think Mr. Gilbert was just getting the idea that going to a different gauge for realism might just work. Soon to come, two rail S gauge.
1941 Consumer Catalogue (D1390) 11-1/4" x 8-1/4" , part color, 48 pages. 'Boys!The New American Flyer built -in "CHOO-CHOO" is the first and only device that brings you your ears the thrilling sounds of mighty mechanical power....' As stated by A. C. Gilbert on the 2nd page. Boy how things have change. It's not boys that are playing with those choo choo's anymore!
1946 Consumer Catalogue (D1451) 14-1/2" x 10-1/4" , full color, 32 pages. The theme of this catalogue seems to be 'Making Your Railroad just like real'. An interesting marketing approach trying to differentiate S gauge from the more toy like O and O-27. A nice catalogue with some nice track plans and illustrations.
1950 Consumer Catalogue (D1604) 11-1/4" x 8" , almost full color, 56 pages. An interesting cover. Erector sets, chemistry sets. tool chests, magic sets, and puzzles dominate the 1st 15 pages. Finally on page 16 you find the trains. Why did they do that? Wouldn't you think the trains should go first in a train catalogue?
1951 Consumer Catalogue (D1640) 11-1/4" x 8" , almost full color, 48 pages. Let's see, there is a price sheet in this one. 332AC Challenger..$32.50, 5002T Circus Set.. 32.95, 571A Log Loader.. 19.95. I just can't go on. I get sick knowing I was alive and my parents didn't buy these for me at these prices. That was almost child abuse!
1952 Consumer Catalogue (D1677) 11-1/4" x 8" , almost full color, 48 pages. Now if this isn't an exciting catalogue, I don't know what is. A mighty 342 chugging away, 315,312,325,335 are just some of the engines featured. That's a lotta choo choo!
1953 Dealer Catalogue (D1714) 11-1/4" x 8" , part color, 52 pages. A dealer catalogue is produced to sell trains to dealers, and wasn't distributed to the general public. This particular catalogue was distributed in the Eastern United States.
1955 Consumer Catalogue (D1801) 11-1/4" x 8" , full color, 44 pages. I always thought this cover was a little 'plain'. And after looking inside a lot of the content is sort of 'plain'. That is except for the Silver Flash, the Comet,The Trail Blazer Freight Set, the Sunshine Special Freight, the 346, 326, the Flying Freighter Set, The Oil Drum Loader and so on and so on......
1956 Consumer Catalogue (D1866) 11-1/4" x 8" , full color, 52 pages. This is a gorgeous catalogue, produced in American Flyer's glory years. Absolutely magnificent. And a bargain as well as we still have around 200 of these left at this writing.
1957 Consumer Catalogue (D2006) 11-1/4" x 8" , full color, 48 pages. Another beautiful catalogue. How about that layout on the front cover. Nice huh? American Flyer at it's best!
1961-1962 Consumer Catalogue (D2267) 8-1/2" x 10-3/4" , little color, 24 pages. Everything about trains became cheapened in the early 60's. They used cheap paper, little color, and one catalogue for two years. And the trains themselves went more towards cheap plastic. The end of an era was coming soon!

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