Serious Buyer? You Bet!

I've been advertising to buy electric trains in Classic Toy Trains since the first issue. Have you seen my ad? You know, it has a black background. 'Serious Buyer--I'm Always Buying Lionel, American Flyer, Marx Train Collection...' It's on page 115 of the May issue if you need more reminding! So what's my point? Well...

My inventory is starting to decrease to the point where I am becoming uncomfortable. Not that it is terribly low. I mean I still have a couple of hundred thousand dollars or so worth of trains in stock. But that's not enough for me. I mean I like to have so many trains around that it is hard to move in my office. I like to own so many trains that there just isn't any more room in the warehouse to put them. I like to have so many trains that when my wife asks me to stop at the store to get some milk and bread on the way home, I can honestly say to her... "Ah, gee, I don't have any money left"! (Of course I wouldn't tell her about my emergency golf money!!!)

[But before I go on, that reminds me of a story that comes from my 'Screwball files'. Evidentially someone wasn't impressed with my ad a couple of years ago. Here's the anonymous fax that I received on November 7th, 1994.]

'Dear Serious Buyer... Do you realize there are people starving in this world? Do you realize there are poor people in the United States of America with no medical insurance, who suffer and die from offlictions similar to those experienced in the so-called "third world countries?"

And a (bleeping) imbecile like you takes an ad in a magazine proudly proclaiming he wants to spend $400,000.00 on toy trains this year!

Why don't you stick a locomotive up your (bleep) and wait until it whistles before you remove it, you (BLEEPING) MORON!'

I had to censor that a little, but you get the idea. I really wish the guy would have signed his name. I certainly wish he'd learn how to spell. Hey guy, if you are reading this, please let me know who you are? I am sure the US government is still taking tabs on communists living in our Country. But really, Capitalism isn't that bad. Try it sometime, you'll like it. And if you do well, you can give to the charity of your choice like I do!]

Ah, that makes me feel better. I always wanted to tell that guy off!

Back to the subject. I want to buy trains. Right now.

This is a vicious cycle. I mean in this business when you aren't really dealing with the new trains, you either have too many trains, or not enough. This time of year after the Holidays have wound down, and the big selling season is over is when my inventory traditionally starts to wane. Although due to a very large collection purchased last September, and two other nice sized collections very late last year and early this year, I'm not nearly as bad off as last year. Last year this time was horrible. I had way to few trains, and when you don't got it, you can't sell it, so the beginning of last year stunk!

But not this year. This has been fantastic mainly due to the fact that we have trains to sell.

So here's a little quiz for you. OK, right now I am telling you that my inventory is getting lower than I like. Now imagine last November and December when I had more trains than I knew what to do with. Let's say that you have trains for sale. And you had a choice of offering them to me now or wait until November when I will probably be buried in trains. Would you offer them to me now, or later?

Sometimes I think that everyone thinks that November is better because the selling season is coming, etc. But that is absolutely not the case. I pay more when I need trains, and I need them now.

If you don't have anything for sale, but you know of someone who does, you can still make money. I pay finder's fees for people who point me in the right direction of a collection. (Wow that rhymes!) Now of course the finder fee depends greatly on the size of the collection. But last December I gave a guy a Lionel Shay because he helped me buy a rather large Lionel Post War collection. He didn't want money, he wanted the Shay which is worth around $2000.00.

Right now I am particularly looking for Lionel Post War, Pre-War, and American Flyer S Gauge. But actually I buy anything at any time. MPC, Weaver, MTH, Marx, etc, etc. However I prefer to stay with the main manufactures. I am also particularly looking for larger collections, but of course I will buy the smaller ones also.

So if you have something to sell or know of someone, please send us a list, or just contact us for a fast, honest deal. We offer absolutely no baloney like fast talking Dick or 'Oh look at that little scratch' Bill. Hey, we're the good guys. And we want to buy your trains!!!

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Revised 4/8/98