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I don't know why, but I like the sound of that title. It sounds so classy! I almost replaced 'The Web's First Train Site' (above) with that title, but, well that's an important title. I thought of the 'curious' title while jogging today. Actually some of my best ideas come while I am jogging. It's a great title. Now if I could only come up with some content.

I used to call it 'running'. But now I go way to slow to call it running. Almost to slow to call it jogging!

I love to think things out while jogging. It makes the exercise seem to go so much faster. I do hate jogging. Actually I hate to call it jogging too. So I'm going back to calling it running. Makes me feel a little better about myself!

Most of the time while I am exercising I am sort of introverted. Exercise and 'golfing bad' bring out my quiet side. Unfortunately I am usually pretty quiet while I'm on the golf course lately.

I'm supposed to be doing the books right now. But I came up with some really good thoughts while running today, so I wanted to get them down on paper. Now if I could only remember what I was thinking. It would be nice if someone would invent some sort of a mind dictation machine. I know that they have the computers that you can talk to and they'll type what you say. But I don't like to talk much while I'm running. I'm introverted when I run. Oh yea, I already mentioned that.

I anticipate that the books are going to be sort of fun this month. It's fun doing the books on good months, but not so much fun when the month bombed. I've had a couple of those I'll tell you. This would have been a really good month if Uncle Sam had stayed out of my check book, but that's the way it goes....

If you've read this far, or if you have been reading my topics, you might have figured that the topic will not always be trains. I've also decided to have absolutely no schedule as to when I will issue another topic. But you can figure I have at least a couple of good runs a month, so who knows.

If you've read this far, you must have absolutely nothing else on earth to do. And that's great. I just wish that I had absolutely nothing to do right now, but, well I have to do the books as I said before. I'm certainly not really writing right now. Or at least not saying anything. But I think I'm doing it with style!

Oh, I just remembered what I thought to say while I was running. I am buying two collections this weekend. So be on the lookout for more 'stuff' to appear on the database. And of course on the 8th of this month we'll update the text lists. But if you want to get a jump on things, learn how to use our database. It's easy. I will have additional info on how to use it on the first page soon.

One of the collections has some nice post war Lionel in it, which usually goes pretty fast, so make sure you don't miss out.

Well I'd better call this a day or those books will haunt me all night. Besides 'Seinfield' is on in four minutes!

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Revised 5/1/98