That Damn Lake

I've lived in Erie, Pa. most of my life. It's a wonderful city, and the people here have a heart of gold. Sure the Winters (and Springs, and falls, and Summers) can be rough sometimes. But all in all, this is a wonderful town to live in. Our sunsets have been rated among the best in the world. And of course the sunsets take place over lake Erie, which incidently was in my way big time this weekend!

I had business in Chatham, Ontario, Canada this weekend. Chatham is a beautiful little Canadian town just a mere 100 miles away. Except that damn lake is in the way! Don't get me wrong, I love Lake Erie. I've almost grown up there in the Summers past. But gee it gets in the way sometimes.

So instead of the little 100 mile trip that I would have had if the lake weren't there, I traveled some 700 miles this weekend. Just to make it interesting, I decided to travel around the lake, something that I never had the urge to do, but since I had the opportunity, what the heck.

There are a lot of big cities around Lake Erie. Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, London, Hamilton, St Catharines, Niagara Falls, and Buffalo would be the best known. But my favorite on this trip was Windsor, Ontario. That's probably because I spent the night there and had the wonderful privilege of loosing some money at their casino.

I don't know if you've ever been to Canada before, but it is a beautiful country. Everything is so neatly kept. The people seem very friendly and nice. My biggest problem was finding a restaurant that would serve me a burger and a beer. I didn't want a milkshake, or soda. I wanted a beer with that hamburger. There aren't to many place in Windsor that I found that served both together. I must have driven around for forty five minutes. Finally I came across a 'bar and grill'.

Now like I was saying Canadians are nice friendly, fun people. And of course the barmaid didn't surprise me as she was overly friendly. I looked around the small bar and there were all these nice, friendly Canadians, playing pool, drinking beer, and having a good time.

But by my second sip of beer things changed. The guy sitting to my left took offense at what a fellow Canadian's remark, and before I knew it all hell erupted.

I just sat there and smiled as the two went out the door and at it as you might say. A couple of minutes later the fight was over. No winners, no loosers, except for the girl sitting to my right who had tried to break up the fight and had been hit in the cross fire. Boy did she have a black eye!

The Barmaid assured me that didn't happen often, which was reassuring to me. As I left the bar I realized that what I had witnessed was almost the same as a good hockey fight. And Canada does stand for hockey, so everything fell together, hey?

I've always wanted to see London, Ontario because it is directly across the lake from us. It was great driving by that town. And as I passed by Lake Ontario I could faintly see Toronto. What a great city that is.

Other than having my driver's license taken away at the US Border (because I didn't have the correct paper work), everything went smoothly.

The collection I purchased in Canada was well worth the effort. Everything is Post War Lionel, and the majority is in very nice condition. The new inventory will be appearing within the next couple of days, so please check our 'search and order' section frequently. And don't miss the next 'Text List' update that will take place on the 22nd.

Be prepared, however to get that old duster out. Most of the items have some light dust, and I don't do dust, it does me. (My worst allergy.)

So who's next up there in Canada? I can't wait until the next trip!

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Revised 5/11/98