The Mother Of All Sales

After many years in the business, we are calling it quits. Well, ah, we're calling it quits in the HO and N gauge business that is. We'll still be selling those collector's trains like Lionel, American Flyer and Marx. One of the reasons we decided to eliminate the smaller gauges from our inventory is that they represent 10% of our overall gross sales, but they take up over 50% of the space in our store. That was the deciding reason and a convincing one. We are just much more oriented to serving the secondary collector market.

I would like to assure our wonderful HO and N customers that this was a very difficult decision because mainly we have made many friends in these gauges over the years, and we will miss them.

OK back to this "Mother of all Sales". There are two categories to this sale. There is the 'In Store Sale', and the 'Mail Order Sale'.

We are offering 40% off on all HO and N gauge trains in our store until September 1st, or until we run out of trains. If you are traveling through the area, please see the map and easy directions to our store.

You can purchase blind lots for up to 45 cents on the dollar through the mail. We are offering blind lots for those of you who prefer to order by mail. Actually we have been selling these lots for around six months, before we had made the decision to sell out. We have sold a bunch of these lots and have not had any complaints at all. The lots are especially good for dealers and people who are beginning a layout. Go here for more information on the blind lots.

Another key reason that we are eliminating HO and N is that it will give us more time to buy and sell the old collections. I think it will improve our business to you the collector overall by freeing up some time on our part to find more interesting collections to buy. I am so sick of receiving nice lists of trains for sale from people and not being able to get back to them. Although that will still happen, but hopefully not as much as in the past.

So if you are in the market for HO and N gauge trains, or know of someone who is, take advantage of this sale. The blind lot sale will go on until we are sold out, but the store sale will end on September 1. Buy now while they are available, because I have a feeling we will sell out before the Summer ends.

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Revised 5/17/98