Another Florida Collection

I have just purchased yet another collection from the Sunshine state. This deal came up suddenly without much warning. I think I have purchased more collections in Florida over the past couple of years than in my home state of Pennsylvania.

I love traveling to Florida, but in June? I was leery about this one with the heat they have been having down there lately. When I talked to the seller a couple of days before leaving it was 95 degrees at 10AM! Now that's warm! Also I wasn't wild about traveling around the country with all those wild fires burning out of control. And I did see my share of fires while down here..

The collection was in Naples. I'd only been to Naples once before. That was when I was an active pilot, and I flew into the Naples airport myself. Well actually I almost didn't make it due to some mean cross winds. But that's another story.

At any rate I flew into Ft. Meyers airport Friday night. Drove down to Naples Saturday Morning. Purchased and packed the collection for shipment. UPS will pick it up on Monday. Saturday afternoon I drove up and across the state to Cocoa Beach, one of my favorite places to hang out and get in trouble!

And now I am in the Orlando Airport on Monday morning waiting for my plane to board. I hope it's on time, I have to golf in my ‘Elks' league tonight.

Generally I prefer to buy collections out of Florida in November through March when it is cold up North. That's why I wasn't wild about traveling to buy this one. But someone has to do it! This is the first time I didn't bring my golf clubs down with me. But I did get my Friday round in before leaving, so who cares. It was just nice to run along the beach and body surf on Sunday afternoon. I could never get enough of that.

The collection was purchased from a long time customer. His biggest beef was that none of the local dealers would give him anything for the mainly pre-war collection. He told me they didn't even want to pay for some of the collection! That may be one reason that I am so successful buying in Florida. I actually pay a fair price! Not to say I don't pay a fair price anywhere else! Probably more than fair.

Just goes to show, if you are or aren't a customer of ours now, please don't be shy when it comes time to sell. And don't you dare sell to the ‘local' guys. My offers are always better, and many times substantially better.

The collection will start appearing in our database hopefully by this coming weekend. It is pretty large (cost me almost $500.00 to ship it back to myself), diverse, and some very interesting items will appear soon. I estimate that I should receive it by Thursday, so I'll start working on it as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

I have started to notice that every time I change the subject on our front page the number of hits we receive jumps drastically. Are some of you subscribing to our web page? That's the only explanation that I can think of, because I don't have a scheduled update time, and I never advertise new articles. Let me know if you are subscribing please. I am just wondering how it works for you, as I don't exactly understand how it works. But as I understand if you subscribe to a web page you receive E-mail every time a particular page is changed. Is this correct?

I am toying with the idea of starting a new section within our pages. This idea came to me while running the other day. I have noticed that the number of people who read my topics has been increasing almost each month. What I am thinking of doing is soliciting articles about electric trains written by individuals, figuring that if people are interested enough to read my usually weird subjects, they would probably be very interested in articles that actually said something interesting about train collecting, operating, and their experiences. This would be non-copy written articles that I would be happy to publish within our pages. I have no idea if there are any amature writers out there who would be interested in sharing their ideas and experiences with others. But my intention is to publish anything that is interesting. So if you have something you would like to contribute, please let me know. I'll start it with just one article, but over time I hope to ad many interesting articles to it.

Well I am still sitting here in the Orlando Airport. Evidently our crew got in late, so the plane is delayed. In a way this is great because instead of writing this on the plane, maybe I will be able to catch some sleep. I always need it when I'm here in Florida as I usually get up to early, and go to bed to late for some reason.

They had better get me back to Erie in time for my golf league. I mean Stan, Dave, and Ron, my Monday golf buddies would be pretty mad if I didn't show up for golf!

Whoops, they are starting to board as I type, so I'd better go.

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Revised 6/23/98