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As I write this I am at risk. It is unbelievable the number of risks there are in this world! Why I could injure a finger, or fall off my chair and break a hip. A person could shoot me from outside my window. I could have a heart attach or possibly even a hot flash. Well, maybe I couldn't have a hot flash! Probably not much risk in that! (And I was going to try to keep this serious!)

At any rate, you get the idea. Let's face it everything that we do in life is a risk. Almost!

I remember a risk that I didn't take many years ago when I received a great list of American Flyer trains for sale that were in the Reno, Nevada area. A woman had written me and was asking ˝ of the prices that she had listed, which were for the most part low retail.

I was excited to say the least!

I tried to get her phone number from information, but had no luck. Then I decided to write her. The content of the letter was that I wanted to buy everything she had and would be happy to fly out and pay her in person. That way she wouldn't have to risk sending the merchandise all over the country. And after writing the letter I decided to send it over night.

I really expected to hear from her in the next couple of days. A week went by and nothing. Then a month. I couldn't believe it. Someone must have beat me to it.

Around six months later I was talking with another train dealer at a train show. The conversation came up about rip offs. And he goes, ‘And how about that woman in Reno who got all those checks and disappeared.'

I learned a lesson the easy way, but many dealers learned it the hard way as they had sent her checks that she cashed and they were out their money.

How about the guy that has a vast collection of trains. He sends me a list and I give him an offer which amounted to around 60& of his $40,000.00 (retail) collection.

Around a week later he E-mails me and tells me that a friend is going to handle it for 10%, so he is going to go that way.

I thought about it, and I ended up writing him twice. I begged and pleaded with him not to go through his friend. I asked him to forget about me buying the collection, but to find someone else who would pay him a similar price. But don't go through your friend. Piecing his collection out at train shows? Sure if everything goes well he'll realize $12,000.00 more than my offer. Sure at first look that's great!

But what are his risks? Theft because they will be in his friend's hands not his. Damage because they will be handled by the public. Not realizing what they expect to sell them for because in almost every collection that I have handled around 1/3 of the collection sells quickly, the second 1/3 goes slow and you have to lower prices to move the items. Unless you have a whole lot of time on your hands or are in the business the last portion is like pulling teeth. You almost have to give the items away to move them.

And how many other risks are there? Who knows, but I'll guarantee you he will be extremely lucky if everything goes rosy. How about after the seventh or eighth month and ˝ of the collection is still not sold! That would be a nice feeling wouldn't it?

So the guy replies to me after my first E-mail. Ah he has all the time in the world, so he's going to do it anyway.

After my second letter I didn't hear from him again. He told me he'd let me know how it goes. I should probably have waited to write this until that time because then what I am saying might have more meaning. But I'll guarantee you he'll be lucky to receive a couple thousand dollars more than I offered him, along with a lot of aggravation!

Now how about your risks in dealing with me? Let me tell you this right here and right now, when you deal with us whether you are buying or selling your risk factor is as low as it can get.

Here is an example that happened just today. I received an angry E-mail from a customer who had purchased an engine from us last week. It didn't work. We check every engine before shipping, so I couldn't figure this out. But sure enough when I checked the paper work, that engine had gotten through our system without being checked. Of course I apologized and gave him his options.

He decided to have it fixed, but wondered if we would charge him to fix it!!! No way! As a matter of fact since this was our mistake, we are going to credit him for what it costs him to return the engine to us.

Obviously we try to make as few mistakes as possible, but they do happen. And when they do happen, we fix it. We don't give you some excuse, or tell you to bad, or give you any crap at all. We make the problem go away to your satisfaction. That's what we are here for.

We are offering a service to both buyers and sellers of trains. Our reputation speaks for itself. We want you to be happy, because if you aren't, you will probably be doing business with someone else the next time.

So if you are hesitating to do business with us one way or the other, please give us a chance to prove to you that this web site is totally ‘risk free'.

However, please don't send us a list of trains with cheap prices and expect me to send off a quick check. I'm stupid, but not that stupid!!

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Revised 7/7/98