First of all I would like to thank everyone who has visited our pages, and especially those who have purchased from us. To say the least business generated from our Web Pages has been overwhelming. We sincerely appreciate your interest.

As of today I am committed to purchase 3 collections. The first is an American Flyer collection (finally) in Ohio. That will be picked up with any luck within the next 2 weeks. The second collection is in Massachusetts. This is a small collection, but some very nice MPC items. The third collection is in (you guessed it), Florida. I will be traveling once again to one of my favorite places in the World to purchase yet another Florida Collection. I will be traveling in August and will probably melt. I'd love to pick up another collection while I'm down there, so if you have one and live in Florida, or know of someone, please let me know and maybe we can get together.

In addition I have bid on collections in California, another in Florida, (but I wouldn't make this one because it is way down in the keys), Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, and Utah. These are the collections I have bid on so far this month. One in particular is the nicest Lionel Post War (quality wise) that I have seen in a long time. I'll cross my fingers on that one.

At any rate we will be busy buying over the next couple of months as always, so please visit often, as you never know what will show up next.

I received an Email the other day that sort of disturbed me. It goes as follows:

At 10:24 PM 7/12/98 EDT, you wrote:
Charles, I am a fairly new train collector (although a long-time toy
collector) specializing in pre-war Lionel & certain "tougher" Marx. I just
found your train site & read your editorial. After reading that, I said to
myself "Now here's a real, sensible, down-to-earth guy that I would probably
like to give some of my business to". Then, I proceeded to your for Sale list
(Lionel) and almost the first thing I saw was "1950 consumer catalog, Mint,
water damage." Needless to say, I didn't bother reading any more. I wont give
you a lecture on grading, as I'm sure youv'e heard it all, & I'm sure your'e a
nice guy, but I'll have to do my business elsewhere. I know you don't care,
as you have thousands of customers, most with fatter wallets than mine, but
just thought you might like to know, in case you don't want to lose any better
customers than myself. Thanks.

I scratched my head on this one and tried to figure how we could describe the catalog that he had mentioned better. I had purchased the catalogs several years ago. They had come in unopened cases, but had picked up some water damage so you couldn't really sell them as mint without clarifying ‘water damage'. Gee, mint 1950 catalogues sell for $55.00, these in question go for $19.00! So I wasn't exactly sure what he was saying or how to handle it. I try to use tact when replying to people, but maybe didn't use quite as much tact as I should have in my reply. I was surprised to receive a reply back from him the same day simply saying that maybe what I said was true.

At any rate, we do welcome constructive criticism. I never professed to being perfect. All I ask is that if you do, write about something that makes sense!!! After all, I don't want to have another vessel in my stomach pop. And if something did cause my medical problem in March, it was this type of letter!!!

Today I received a call from a customer who needed some used track. He happened to need O-27 track. Boy did he come to the right place! My back room is so full of track I can hardly walk. I sold him a great big box for $25.00 and a little extra postage. If you need track, let us know and we'll see if we can throw something together for you.

It has been brought to my attention that we have made the top ten model railroad sites on the net. This is almost an honor, but why am I only number 9 on the list? Actually I am shocked that we appear at all, because most of the sites are like on-line magazines.

Actually my opinion of voting sites like this serve absolutely no purpose except to take up space and time on the Internet. Of course their purpose is to generate enough hits to their site to sell advertising, and I am sure that they feel the way that will happen is by some turkey wanting to get to the top of the list and giving their site a link.

Now I'm not that kind of guy. I mean I'd never stoop to that level to tell you the URL and ask you to go and vote for me. Never. I'd never imply that if our site moves up to the top spot before the end of the month we would have another very special sale next month either!

Oh, OK, yea I want to be number 1. Do it. Go to the URL below and vote for me every day, and yes we will have a special sale next month if I move say into the top 5. (I feel so stupid!!!)

But don't forget to come back!!!

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Revised 7/16/98