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It has been a busy month here at Train City. Been away two weekends this month, and between golf and trying to run this business I haven't had much time to give to our web site which bothers me. The second week of August I took the family to Toronto, Canada. What a great place. My love for that Country increased all the more just being in that beautiful city for a couple of days.

It was a truly nice trip with the family, except for one problem when we went to Wonderland, which is an amusement park. As it turns out it was ‘gay day' at the park. The major problem for us was that there was no notice before you entered the park, so a family with younger children had no idea.

Now don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against gays personally. But what do you tell your 10 year old daughter when she asks, ‘Dad, why are those two men kissing each other over there?'

We complained to Wonderland authorities, and they could care less, so I give them the first Train City ‘bone head' award for not posting something warning people what they would be subjected to in their park. Enough said about that!

The following weekend I made yet another trek down to Florida to purchase a collection. Have you ever been to Florida in August? June was nothing compared to August!!! It felt like I had just entered a sauna when I exited the airport. But what would you expect?

The boxes just arrived yesterday from that buying trip, and I am committed to get everything into the computer by the end of the month. Looking at my computer, then looking at the huge boxes that are sitting in my office I am wondering how I am going to do that, but push and shove and maybe expand the casing, I'll get the job done!

I've probably mentioned this before, but I am very excited about a new feature of our ‘search and order' section which will be available soon, I hope. We purchase new inventory almost every day and I am constantly inputting it into our database. So the new feature is going to show exactly what is new for the past 30 days. This will save those of you who are mainly looking for new items and don't want to have to go through our whole database to find them time. Of course the browse and search will still be available. So please Mr. Programmer Man, please get this show on the road. And with any luck that busy guy will get to this project soon.

Have you ever had the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders? I guess I must be paranoid, but I had this medical problem that was bothering me actually all Summer. Finally my Doctor scheduled me for a test that would tell us what was going on. Unfortunately I had to wait a full month before I could be scheduled for the test. Man, I had myself dead and buried before that test. I was trying to figure out if I should liquidate or sell the business, and all the other particulars that a person in troubled health would think of.

I had the test last Friday and am extremely relieved to say that it was completely negative and a very simple fix. So now you are going to have to put up with me for a while longer. The worst part is I'm going to have to put up with myself for a bit longer! Come on Charlie, quit worrying so much!

And in a related note, last Tuesday I had a very awkward golf shot to hit. I'd had tendinitis for several weeks before that, but was only concerned with the shot because the match with Lynn was completely tied, and it was the 18th hole, and I really wanted to win as always. I hit the shot, and it was probably one of the best shots I'd ever had as my left leg sunk around 2 feet into the muddy bottom of the creek and my right leg was raised on the bank of the creek. But when I hit the shot I saw stars, and I don't mean Amy Grant type stars!

By the time I got home I couldn't move my arm and had a big lump on my forearm which was the tendon. I didn't know if it had snapped or what. It hurt like unbelievably. I could hardly move it all weekend. So finally I got into the Doctor yesterday. I asked him about playing golf in the future, because I truly thought I was out for the season. He asked me if it hurt when I swung. I didn't know because I hadn't swung a club since last week. So I tried to swing the club several times in front of the store and it didn't hurt. So I took around 7 non-aspirin before my golf league last night and played nine. Gee it didn't hurt at all. I'm going back on the course tonight and try to beat Lynn again. Maybe I'll only need 5 non-aspirin this time. But it really doesn't hurt when I swing Doc!

So now that I'm golfing again and not croaking, everything is great. Except for the bushes in front of the store need trimmed. But my arm hurts way to much for that!!!!

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Revised 8/25/98