Help,,,I need somebody's......Help,,,not just anybody's......Help,,,I really need somebody's.....Trains!!! I got money in my pockets and I wa'ant to spe'e'e'nd some...... Whoops, sorry about that. I forgot you can't hear me singing. Well actually you probably don't want to hear me singing!

But we are at that point right now where we really need to buy some train collections, and the bigger the better. Our inventory is fine for right now, but I've always had this nightmare of going a couple months with no inventory coming in, and that would be terrible. I usually wake up screaming ‘NOOOOOOOO' and sweating profusely when I have that dream.

All kidding aside, we are in need of train collections right now. I offer more money when I need trains, which makes sense, so you can count on that if you have a collection for sale. My preference is to have absolutely no money at all, but trains flooding the place this time of year.

Last year, this time we purchased the largest collection ever for us and we still have some of that collection left which is unusual. Overall, this has been a pretty good buying year up to now, but it seems now that we have hit September there has been nothing really interesting offered to us. But that is the problem with this secondary market type business, if you don't buy it, you can't sell it.

I am particularly looking for American Flyer S gauge, Lionel post war and pre war and MPC (earlier). But I will purchase anything as you have probably determined if you have ever looked over our price lists. Also I am mainly looking for larger collections, however I will purchase anything that is interesting and that is priced right.

If you don't have anything for sale, but know of someone who does have a collection that they are thinking of selling, I do pay generous finder's fees in cash or merchandise. So if you can help, we would sincerely appreciate it.

Like I said, I have money that I want to spend. If you have trains that you want to sell, let's get together and talk.

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Revised 9/17/98