Success At Last

My life is complete! I figured out forms! So have you filled out our survey yet? Click here and receive E-Mail specials periodically from us. Then come back............ Ok, now that you're back, I hope you were kind in your comments! Actually we have... already received quite a few responses and thank goodness most of them were pretty positive.

As you probably know if you read my articles I love programing, and anything having to do with computers. So when I finally committed to figuring out forms last weekend, and it turned out to be so easy, it was great. And the feedback that we will receive on this format and others that we will be able to do is invaluable. It is a simple way to communicate with customers, and let's face it, that's important.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to send the multiple E-Mails that will come to you every once in a while. I have Eudora 3.0 and you can do that, but it shows everyone's address in the header, which I really don't want to do. Does anyone know of a program or later version of Eudora that will do this and how I can get it? I actually went to the Eudora site, but there was no way that I could find to E-Mail them and ask them. (Not a good policy, but who am I to tell Qualcomm what to do!)

Ok, enough about computers. Let's talk about important stuff like York! Have you ever been to the York Show? Well it is coming up. If you would like more information about the largest train show in the world, click here. (But don't forget to come back, cause the fun's just starting!)

And before I forget, we purchased a collection of Lionel Post War, some Pre War and Marx items yesterday. They are already in our database. Also I just ran our old stock price discounter program since we were updating our text price lists. And I'll tell you it was agony as I watched in horror as my computer slashed hundreds of prices. Check it out!

I have very mixed emotions this time of the year. On one hand we are getting into train season. I love trains!!! Even owning this business, I can still feel the nostalgia that is so evident every time that I smell the smoke puffing from one of those steamers. What a smell! But on the other hand I love the smell of cow do-do on the accompanying pastures that surround the golf courses that I play. And as it happens every year, that cow do-do is about to be covered by this white crap that falls every single year making it hard for us golf warriors to complete our mission of scoring aces, and eagles, and birdies and things like that. Instead there will be guys wearing camouflage outfits trying to score turkeys and ducks, and deer ticks.

Sorry to go on and on here, but it really makes me feel sorry to know that in a month or so I'll be the only one on the golf course. It happens every year. I'm the only one there amongst the deer and the antelope. Climbing out of roughs and sand traps. It'll be just me in December braving those cold and numbing winds. And alas if I do finally score that ace, no one will be there to witness it. So what the heck, as every year goes I'll probably hit around 10 mythical aces this Winter.

So for those of you who are lucky enough to live in a warm Wintery tundra unlike this miserable place called the North, you are lucky dudes!!!

Actually I will be in Florida from November 5th to the 10th on a buying trip. Unlike my trips in June and August I will take my weapons. (How couldn't I?) That's my last hurrah for warm weather golfing. The last couple of years that I have been in the South I was only able to play one round because of the travel to buy collections down there. Hopefully it will be the same this year. But then again I don't care if you live in Tennessee or Michigan or where ever. I can travel anywhere to buy a good collection! I just prefer a place where I can make war with a golf course! (Unfortunately after thousands of rounds I have only won once.)

Sorry again about that rambling. I just can't control myself. Thank goodness this is a golf day (round 99 for the year) after taking off for a week because of my stupid golf elbow. But I think it is better because I was able to trim the bushes this past weekend. At any rate, maybe I will gain some sanity this afternoon on the golf course. No one should have to stay away that long. It's torture I tell you!

Now you know why I asked you to go to the survey before reading on. I can only imagine the comments I'd receive after reading this mess. But if you got this far, you are a true warrior, and I hope to do battle with you near the pastures someday......

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Revised 9/22/98