And The Winner Is...

I know you have probably been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting, and I am pleased to say that the results are in. Our survey was a bashing success as 222 people took part. Well, let me clarify that in that 222 people have signed up for our e-mail specials list. Not everyone participated in the survey, and that's just fine.

In case you missed the offer, you can click here to get on our e-mail specials list which offers bargains, specials, and news that no one else gets. It's like a special little club. Almost like the Mickey Mouse Club. No, what am I saying. (My mind is wandering. It was a golf day yesterday and afterwards we celebrated a hair to much, so please excuse my wandering mind!)

OK, now for the results. The envelope please......

Of the 222 results that we received 179 people said they were interested in Lionel, 34 American Flyer, 43 Mike's Train House, 21 Marx, and 22 did other things. Now of course some people had more than one interest, and that is why if you ad those totals together, you get a number somewhat higher than 222.

Now, the really important question. Are our prices fair? 187 people responded to this. Of those people 182 indicated that they thought that our prices were fair, 5 did not. But I noticed that two people indicated both fair and not fair. So I guess sometimes we're fair, and sometimes we're not. And that is understandable. At any rate, thank you for giving us that encouragement. Let's see that means that around 97% of you think we're fair. Sounds good to me!

Yea, OK, but if my prices are so fair, how come I still have inventory left? C'mon guys let's get with the program. Buy those fair priced trains. I used to worry about running out of inventory. Now I dream about it!!! (My kids need shoes.)

OK, now back to complete seriousness. OK, semi-seriousness. (If that is a word. I'll find that out when I do the spell check. But I like it, so I'll probably keep it anyway.) Whoops another mind wandering happening. Sorry......

Next question was what other products you would like to see us offer? We received a wide array of answers to this question. My favorite was ‘cheaper trains'. But the same guy had indicated that my prices were fair. So what gives, is someone trying to bug me? You know what happened to the last guy who tried to bug me don't you? Well I'd better not say :o)

Some other suggestions were used MTH, more pre war Lionel, pre war Flyer, Junkers, New Lionel, etc, etc. I sincerely wish that I had more control over what I do carry. Unfortunately I am at the mercy of the seller in this secondary market that I carry. So be patient, and please keep visiting. I'm trying my best to get a great mix of interesting items. But it has been hard to find pre-war lately. Surely I'm about due to purchase an enormous collection of pre-war trains of some type, I hope! But thank you very much for the suggestions. I know what to look hard for now, and I'll get the job done, or my name isn't Mickey Mouse!

The last question was ‘please suggest ways you feel we can improve presentation and/or service to you'. What a question. Who the heck would have thought of a question like that? Sounds like something Lionel would do. Who thought of that question???? Oh, I guess I did, sorry.

Well, things are looking pretty good. I didn't count them, but we did receive a number of replies such as ‘don't change anything. You are doing a great job.' And ‘your site is fantastic', and how do you improve on perfection'. Wow.... You guys trying to get a discount or something? (Oh yea that's right, you are because you filled in your e-mail address and submitted the form to receive discounts, and gifts, and all that other stuff.) So you really didn't have to give us all those compliments. Well thanks for the compliments. We really do appreciate them. And the suggestions, and there were a few.

OK, here is one that was interesting, and I am writing this from memory. ‘Sell new Lionel at unbeatable prices. With Lionel mark-ups exceeding 100%, there should be great opportunity here!!'

Is that true? Oops, I don't think so. My main problem in dealing in new Lionel is the fact that I am not a direct buyer from Lionel. I've tried for years, but they won't give it to me. And when you buy through a distributor unfortunately you are paying an extra 12-18%. But even the direct buyers don't get that big of a mark-up. Actually with competitive pricing it varies between 15 and 30% believe it or not.

But it is an excellent suggestion. I wish I could execute on this. Maybe someday. How about it Lionel?

And another observation that I actually took offense at was this: ‘You Momma wears army boots.' Hey, c'mon guy. My Mom does not wear army boots. I can't believe you said that! Here's a picture of my Mom. Now does she look like a lady who would wear Army Boots? Gee.......

In all seriousness though, I would like to thank all of you who took the time to fill out that survey. The information we received is very helpful, and although some of the suggestions would be difficult to perform, we have learned some important things here, and will continue to try to improve our service and offerings to you.

Who's the winner? And the winner is all of us!!!

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Revised 10/21/98