Me Crazy? Are You Nuts?

What a month last month was! I don't think I have ever been quite as busy. First that Washington, DC trip, then York, then the other collections. Everything is going so fast. Sometimes I become delusional. I see these big black smoking Berkshires speeding at me. I never know if they are going to stop, but I always wake up in time. I think I need a shrink to help me sort things out. Not!!!

No, it's not that bad. Actually just the nature of this business. It could be a lot worse. I could be sitting around in December building plastic models like that time a long time ago when I was dealing in coins. Can you guess why I don't deal in coins anymore?

I remember when I made the transition from coin dealer to train dealer. I had done a million coin shows. There was a distinct difference I noticed at my first train show compared to the coin shows I had done. The train show was lacking sophistication. It seemed like people were more friendly and less stuffy at that first train show. And in reality there is a distinct difference between the overall coin market and train market. I think coin people in general are more stuffy and formal. (This is with the exception of a great customer of mine who happens to be a coin dealer somewhere in this state of Pennsylvania.) But the big eye opener is the dishonesty in that field. Everywhere you turned there was someone trying to pull one over on you. I exaggerate a little, because there are a lot of very nice and honest people in coins. But seems like more ‘crafty' people than in trains.

The bottom line is after the initial shock and the physical size of the items you haul to the show, I decided in a short period of time that I really like the train business better than the coin business. I guess I found something that I fit into. And that's a great feeling. Besides I had to get out of coins. I owed to much money!!!! (Just fooling.)

I will be in Florida for the third business trip this year. I was buying only one collection, but today I just found out that I will be purchasing two. Both are high quality collections. One is exclusively Lionel Post War, the other is American Flyer Post War. As long as everything goes well, start looking for items to pop up on our database by the 15th of November when they arrive via our friends at UPS.

I am going to be leaving town on the 4th. (But the store will be opened as usual to take orders.. Hint, hint.) I'm golfing with a friend on the 5th, but later that day I will be working, and then again all day on the 6th. I return on the 9th, so you can bet your bopper I won't want to work down there in warm Florida on the 7th and 8th. That is why the text lists will be updated on the 5th instead of the 8th this month. Can you blame me? Hey I have a busy November and December ahead. Gotta relax sometime! I don't want to have a nervous breakdown or something like that!!!

OK, here we go, every November we come out with the wish lists. This is a tradition on our paper list. So you might want to use our text lists and print your favorite up before going ahead and taking advantage of our wish list. Here is how it works:

After printing the list of your choice, first order what you really want. Don't fool around! Hey, maybe you've been bad this year, who knows! Ok, after you are sure you've ordered for yourself, circle (in red) those items you'd really like to receive for the holidays, (and not have to spend bucks on yourself.) Ok, now comes the tricky part. You have to be sneaky! Print this paragraph and attach it to your favorite list. Then use the red magic marker to circle this paragraph, draw arrows pointing to it, then somehow secretly leave it somewhere your wife, husband, children, butler, horse, pool man, Uncle, Aunt, Santa Clause, etc. will see it. Well, hopefully you get the idea. Hey this is a great way to make yourself happy. And you deserve it don't you?

Well, I'm getting a little tired now, and at my age you have to be careful. Wow, will you look at that. It's already 7:30 PM. I'd better drink some prune juice and head for the ol' beddy bye. Can't be to careful you know. Or did I already mention that? Guess the mind's going as well. It's been real!!!

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Revised 11/2/98