Charlie's Christmas Lesson

There once was a young boy who lived in Syria... [Whoops wrong story!] [Starting again] There was a young lad named Charlie who although a very interesting young boy at age six, got into his share of trouble. A good description for Charlie would have been a very mischievous young boy.

Charlie was first introduced to electric trains on a trip with his Mother to the 5th floor of the Boston Store. [Wow that rhymes!] The 5th floor of the Boston Store was where the toys were. And of course Electric Trains were prominently displayed in the center of the large department store.

Charlie loved watching the trains go every which way. And once he had a good laugh when he stuck a pencil on the track causing a colossal train wreck. But then, that was Charlie. Very Mischievous indeed!

Charlie decided that there was only one toy he wanted that Christmas. He wanted a train of his very own. And he told his Mom, and his Dad, and his Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and his Aunt's and Uncles, and especially Santa Claus.

The night before Christmas Charlie left a great big cookie and milk for Santa. He made certain that the electricity was working, and asked everyone to keep their presents away from the tree because he had something very special to put all around the tree the next morning.

It was difficult for Charlie to sleep that night. He tossed and he turned. He knew the train would be there in the morning. He just simply couldn't wait. But finally he faded to sleep way to late for a young lad.

The next morning at the crack of dawn Charlie got out of bed and excitedly yelled at the top of his lungs. "It's Christmas, It's Christmas, everyone wake up!"

And he pulled his brother out of bed, went into his sister's room and yelled and screamed until they finally stirred, then he visited his parents room and jumped on his Dad's head until he woke up.

Finally with everyone up, Charlie charged down the stairway to the living room. There were many presents. It didn't take long before Charlie had hastily opened all of his presents before anyone else had barley been able to open any of theirs.

With panic he looked everywhere in that room, but there were no more presents for him. All he had received for that Christmas were clothes. Nothing but clothes.

Charlie hung his head with sadness, but tried not to let anyone know how devastated he was.

All Charlie could think of that Christmas was the train he hadn't received from Santa Claus.

Charlie decided to write to Santa Claus. And he wrote a short letter asking why there had been no train. And then he sealed it and gave it to his Mom to mail as he always had.

To Charlie's surprise he received an answer around two weeks later.

‘Dear Charlie,

I am sorry you didn't receive the electric toy train that you had asked for. You see, everything happens for a reason. And there are two reasons that you didn't receive your train.

First, Santa knew that you needed clothing much more than a train this Christmas.

And second, Charlie you have been a tad bad this past year. And you have to remember Santa brings toys to only the good boys and girls.

Do you remember the time that you tied your sister up and left her in the closet? How about the time that you lied about pushing your little brother's head in the toilet? Or causing the trouble at Sunday School? And there are so many other instances, if I mentioned them all, this letter would be to long.

Charlie, I want to get you that train set more than anything, and was very sad that I couldn't this year. But if you really want that train, I want you to start acting like a good boy, and be more considerate, more truthful, and less trouble for your parents.

And if you are a good boy this year, I promise you will find a train under the tree next year.

Love ,

Santa Clause'

That letter alone had more influence on Charlie's behavior for the next year than anything else his parents could have done.

Charlie settled down and was a good boy. And became better and better as Christmas approached.

And finally when the next Christmas morning dawned, although excited, at the same time Charlie was restrained, and waited until his parents woke him and his brother up.

And when he finally got down stairs to the living room, there already set up around the tree was a shiny, brand new Santa Fe Diesel freight set.

And if you click here, you can see Charlie and his Father playing with ‘their' new toy. [Charlie is on the left. Of course Charlie is on the right also, as Charlie's Dad's name was Charlie also. Get it?]

I am a little embarrassed to say that I am actually the Charlie in that story. But that was a long time ago. My wife would say it was around eight years ago, because I still have some of that little Charlie in me. But I can absolutely guarantee you that I did learn a big lesson. And that is why I don't cheat or lie anymore. I stopped doing that last month. [Just fooling.]

I know I thanked them many times because by the next year I knew who Santa really was. But then I was thanking them for the train.

Now I have to thank them for the lesson. Thanks Mom and Dad. You did good with rough material!!

Thank you very much for visiting our web site this year. We hope you'll stop by many more times in 1999. And above all we wish you the happiest and merriest of holidays.

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Revised 12/23/98