Bits and Pieces II

I returned safely from my trip to Florida last week. I always love buying collections in Florida!!! I took my clubs down and actually got three rounds of golf in. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the business trip went pretty good also! Two days after returning home I received a call from a gentleman in Jacksonville with trains to sell. The next day I received a call from another gentleman in the St. Petersburg area. He had trains to sell to. If only they had called a week earlier. Oh well, maybe I'll make plans for a February business trip to Florida! Somebody's got to do it!

The collections are finally starting to flow. Sometimes after the busy selling season in December it is difficult to change gears and buy collections right away in January. This year is typical, and our inventory dipped a little lower than I like. But that's a good problem, because when the inventory dips, the bank account fills. Truthfully, I always feel much better when I am train poor. The only good thing about being cash rich is that you have money to spend of trains. One of my favorite things to do!

I now have a large mound of train collection lists that I am having trouble getting to. Besides the Florida Collections, I have one coming in the mail, and another will be purchased this coming weekend in of all places Pennsylvania. (That's rare a Pennsylvania collection this time of year!) At any rate, please do keep checking for new inventory at our site. You never know what or when something very interesting to you will show up.

At least temporarily, I have decided to discontinue the ‘movers'. Although it is a good idea, and the first group moved well, the second group died. And that with a combination of not enough time in the day, sort of sunk the ship. I'm not saying that the ‘movers' won't mysteriously appear on our pages every once in a while. As a matter of fact, I think that might be a good idea. So keep visiting, and keep your eyes open for the ‘movers'. But don't forget about the rest of our ridiculously low priced inventory!

Wow, what about the weather? The first half of January was a bear. We had so much snow it was absolutely ridiculous. I don't know if you had the opportunity to click on the ‘current weather' when it appeared under the first page of the topic last month, but that was a picture of our snow ridden store. We hadn't had that much snow in many years. I thought that the snow would be around until May it was piled so high. And then just as quickly it warmed up and the rain started. There are a couple of mounds still out there where they had been piled very high, but for the most part the snow is gone. It is so exciting seeing green grass after the first part of January!!! Of course it was nicer seeing it in Florida!

Speaking of Florida, I picked my first orange one day on the golf course. I couldn't believe it when the siren went off that was wired to the tree. Within minutes I was surrounded by several gun wielding security guards and forcefully kicked off the golf course! (NOT!)

Actually I picked the orange took a bite and suddenly was naked, with this really good looking chick that called herself Eve! (NOT!) (Well, you should have been able to guess that wasn't true. I'm married!!)

Sorry, I got a little carried away there. I just watched a re-run of Wayne's World, and I guess those fake endings got to me.

Actually what really happened was I picked the orange only after asking a playing partner if it was OK to do so. So after getting the word that I could pick it, I did. What a thrill. Now I can honestly say that I picked an orange on a sunny day in Florida. Can you say that?

So I take it home, give it to my wife, who puts it in the window to ripen. Several days later I find it with my lunch. My mouth waters as I look at it while I hurriedly try to finish my sandwich and cookies. And then finally the moment is at hand. I get to eat the first orange that I have ever picked fresh in my life. The anticipation is just to much. I quickly shove a piece in my mouth.

Wow did that taste bad! Yuck. I don't think it was ripe yet.

As always, thanks for reading this. Now if you can sit and read this nonsense, surely you can buy some quality electric trains from a poor orange farmer, can't you?


Revised 2/2/99