The Room

Imagine a room so dark, so cold you would think you were in the arctic circle during the middle of Winter. A room where entrance does not guarantee an exit. A room where danger is simply a humbling word. A room possessed not by demons, but by the beast himself. A room not fit for man. A room where no man or woman would every consciously enter. At least not sane.

And imagine a house. A house that sits on a cliff by the lake where the seagull's fly. A house ravaged by guilt. A house that attaches to a store. The store a place of commerce. A house that within it's most internal bounds is the room of evil. The room that lurks behind a door nailed shut so that no one will ever enter again to witness the untold mysteries that wretch it's history.

A long time ago, well before the age of the apple there was a house for sale that stood on a busy corner in a busy little New England town. The young family businessman saw a wonderful opportunity for the house. Not only would the small house serve as wonderful living quarters, but he envisioned attaching a store.

So it happened he purchased the property and built a store that attached to the house. And they lived in piece and quiet all those years. But then suddenly the contents of the inventory of the store became larger and larger. And at the same time the family in the living quarters grew and grew.

And several years later the inventory and the family had grown to the point where it was becoming uncomfortable. So the family moved out, to allow the store inventory room to move into the house. And move in it did. With a vengeance.

The first year ‘the room' was manageable. As the inventory entered the room, it was very important to the owner to allow for the inventory to exit the room just as fast, as ‘the room' was designed to be only a place of quiet rest for the inventory while it was readied to be sold in the world marketplace. And for one year the room was managed well.

But then the beast took over. And as much as the merchant tried to control the room, it became impossible. The inventory mounted and mounted until it was almost impossible to enter the room. To get into the room at all a person had to push and shove. It was dangerous entering the room because it was easy to step in the wrong place, or you could become buried alive under an avalanche of inventory should the metamorphose of the room be against your favor. It was a risk of life to enter the room.

And every time the merchant tried to clean the room more and more merchandise would arrive. And eventually the room filled completely making it impossible to enter.

But the merchant knew he had to take the upper hand on the situation and one day vowed to correct for once and for all the situation that had become impossible at best.

So he worked hard and long hours to find ingenious ways of selling the inventory that haunted the room. He worked and worked until it was impossible to work any longer each day.

And finally when he thought the problem was solved, the next morning he entered the room and found the inventory had mounted again mysteriously over night. Was there no end to this horrible situation for the poor merchant who only wanted the room empty. Or at least to be able to see the color of the rug that graced the room's floor.

And finally he worked and worked harder than he had ever worked before to empty the room. But the room would not cooperate, and one day as the merchant now completely obsessed with his mission entered the room, never did he ever exit. And from that day on the doors to that room were nailed shut, never to be opened again as the merchant haunted that room for eternity.

Nice little story huh? I wrote that as an essay for a writing composition class. I just came across it today after going through some of my old things. I received D- for my work. I think my teacher liked me and felt sorry for me, so he didn't flunk me. But what is really scary is that the room has become reality. We have a room just like that in our house that attaches to our store that I built some 20 years ago. Sort of sends chills up and down my spine knowing that I wrote that back in High School some 30 years ago!! Yes I said 30 years ago. It has become reality because this story reminds me so much of our back room and present situation.

I've been working very hard to empty that back room, but it is impossible. For the past two weeks I have done everything that I can to empty that room, but it is simply impossible. It isn't even half empty, and I have a very large collection coming. Now it is going to be totally full again. Oh well, I'll keep working on it. All I can hope is that this doesn't turn out like the story I wrote so many years ago!!!!

Want to see our back room? I thought so. Then click here and here and here.

Boy I wish I would have written this closer to Halloween. Or better yet, how about April Fools day! :o)

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Revised 2/21/99