The Firecracker Collection

You know, the thick and gooey kind! Whoops, sorry, wrong web site. Ah..... Oh yea, we are gathered here today to.... Sorry, I've been working so hard on this American Flyer collection that I hardly know which way is up anymore. I'm starting to get goofy. Well, OK, goofier!

My friend Ron Beer was over this morning. Ron's a great guy. A fellow ‘runner'. A fellow ‘golfer'. And a fellow ‘train nut'. Well, let me take that back, I shouldn't put my name and his on the same line as ‘train nut'. You see Ron is probably the most wacko ‘train nut' I have ever met. And that isn't any kind a ‘train nut'. Ron's a hard core, trembling in the mouth, low down, American Flyer Train nut.

So what do you think Ron was doing at my store today? Well let's just say that the sign that says ‘Don't Touch The Trains' was abused a little while Ron was here!! Did I tell you Ron likes American Flyer trains?

Because we have so much American Flyer in stock now that I am starting to run out of room. You can look at some pictures below and see for yourself.

I was pulling some trains out of a box the other day and suddenly I found something that I was familiar with, but I didn't realize what it was for a minute because it was out of place. A firecracker!! I laughed, and this here collection got a name. Of course the Firecracker collection. I like that name. I like it a lot!

As of today I have completed 11 boxes of the collection. That leaves me only 11 more to go. Will this ever end????

For some highlights of the collection, let me go through the pictures you can view below one by one. Just click on the small picture, and it'll make you a big one. Here's the scoop.

pafca01.jpg Here's the firecracker I found. I put it into a semaphore, and well, if I lit it, there would probably be a mess. In the back ground is a mess of items that I haven't quite gotten cataloged yet. This happens in every collection. No matter how staunch I am at the beginning about keeping my office clean and neat while doing a collection, I never do. I really thought that I could this time, but unfortunately I can't.
pafca02.jpg More of the mess that is messing up my office. If you look closely at the bottom right portion of the picture you will see an arrow that is pointing to an engine. The engine happens to be a 21115 (I think) Steamer. Very rare. One problem. That is the wrong tender with it. So now what do I do? I'm hoping the correct tender will show up, otherwise you will see this engine listed with the wrong tender. What a shame that would be!!
pafca03.jpg Some of the trains I processed today. I normally neatly place them in a row so it will be easier to label each one. I am still trying to figure out what that thing is in the lower right corner of this picture. Isn't that weird I can't figure that out!
pafca04.jpg Here are 2 734 operating box cars along with some push buttons. As you can see I have some more accessories to unpack.
pafca05.jpg Just some of the boxed items from this collection. There were more than I thought. And more coming. Ron was impressed. See that watermark on the box in the middle. Guess who drooled on it?
pafca06.jpg This is the back wall of our store. Almost every piece in this picture came from the new collection. Some people didn't understand when I said it was a big collection. And I'm only half way done!
pafca07.jpg Another angle.
pafca08.jpg And yet another angle.
pafca09.jpg Here are some boxcars from the collection. Wait a second. Is that? Could it be? Is that a very rare car on the top left?
pafca10.jpg You bet. That's the 24425 Bar Reefer. That's a tough banana! And is still available for sale I might add!!
pafca11.jpg More of the collection.
pafca12.jpg And yet more. Hey, that's Marx trains over there on the right side. How did that get in there???
pafca13.jpg Here's an interesting scenario. The circus engine is going up against the challenger. They are almost at impact. Who do you think is going to win this demolition? Why the red circus engine of course. I love that engine. Have one I in my personal collection to be sure!!
pafca14.jpg More of the collection.
pafca15.jpg And yet more. I think that switcher is a 21005. I had two of these, but one sold. You'd better get your cotton picking hands on this one before it flies out of here. Ron's not gonna like that. Not at all. He gets really mad when I sell stuff to others than himself!
pafca16.jpg More stuff.
pafca17.jpg Here is the rocket car. Actually this particular piece has the motor detached, which is a somewhat bad but not fatal illness. This we ran on ebay to promote this collection. I had another one, but it sold the first day I put in on the ‘new stuff' list.
pafca18.jpg Eureka Diner made by Mini Craft. This particular piece is absolutely gorgeous. It is absolutely sold also as of this morning.
pafca19.jpg Here is a hard item to find in superb condition. The 978 Grand Canyon operating Observation Car. This has not sold as of right now. But it was only put in the ‘new stuff' section a couple of hours ago. This is an almost flawless piece!!
pafca20.jpg Last but not least, a horrible picture of the 25057 TNT Exploding Car. It is actually through a glass display case, and a plastic container, so that is probably why it looks so bad. But it is a tough piece to find.
Well, that about raps up the collection. If you are an American Flyer nut like Ron, you'd better get on the stick and look through that ‘new stuff' list which is located on our first page just under the start of this topic. There will be new items listed every day until March 26th. You'll get a big bang for your buck with this Firecracker Sale!

And after the 26th I'll be on vacation for a week or so. But don't fret none! We'll be open, so keep us hoppin busy over that wonderful week of Easter.

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Revised 3/20/99