Electric Trains, Value, and Golf

If you are reading this, there is a very real chance that you have a love of electric trains. Value for your money in purchasing electric trains is probably a big concern of yours. You may or may not golf. But like it or not, if you read on, you will find what these three subjects have to do with each other.

Unless you have been living under a log in a very dark forest, you know that the popularity of electric trains, especially tin plate type trains has gained drastically over the past several years. Where train buffs like yourself used to hide in the closet, ashamed of their childish hobby, knowing rather than ‘playing' with their trains, they should be doing more constructive work such as mowing the lawn, or shoveling the walk, making a snowman, or fishing. But no, they were hiding in that dark room full of electric trains, ‘playing', as their heart's beat hard with every sound hoping that someone like their wife or children wouldn't walk in the door. Back in those days trains were taboo. Several poor soles perished because their loved ones turned them into the ‘Train Police', never to be seen again. At least certainly never to play with their trains.

But with time of course we emerged from that dark time when the king of trains themselves (Lionel) barely made ends meet.

Now we have entered yet another golden era of trains where every man, woman, and child proudly play with their trains and shout "I love my trains" as they do so.

A time of peace and tranquility (at least when it comes to trains.) A time where train purchases are much larger than the monthly mortgage. A time when entire communities sit, hold hands, and proudly play with their trains!

And in this time of train play, where good values are sometimes hard to find, isn't it wonderful to know that you can buy trains from a dealer who absolutely guarantees true value for your hard earned money? A train dealer who is honest and reliable. A train dealer who's concern for his customer's wallets is unparalleled in modern history?

And who is this dealer of dealers who absolutely guarantees the lowest prices in the universe? Who is this masked hero who will not charge more than anyone else? Who is this daring and debonair guy who says only what he means, and not what he pleases?

You asked, and I will answer. The truth is that it is Charles Ro!

Whoops, that's the wrong Charles. The narrator made a big boo-boo. Please forgive the narrator.

The actual true value dealer in the Universe is...........(trumpets play)

Charles Siegel. Yes a dealer unparalleled in modern history for his rambling on and on and on about nothing at all, wasting your precious time.

Sorry, but I guess I wanted to make a point. And to make sure that everyone knows about our guaranteed low price policy. I decided to do this after that last person asked if I was serious about this policy, and challenged me to match a price that was almost 50% lower than mine. I did of course. OK, now read below so that you can gain valuable knowledge about our policy.

[We guarantee the lowest prices (with discounts) on Lionel MPC in the years 1970-1994. If you find a legitimate commercial advertised price that is lower than ours (apples to apples), we will match or beat it! This applies to Magazine or other legitimate media ads only. This offer applies only before you buy. Sorry, no adjustments after the sale.]

You may or may not know that I absolutely love to play golf. As a matter of fact I should be teeing off right about now, but my wife is making me take my daughter to her basketball game in a couple of hours. (I'll tell you it is tough being a golfer sometimes.)

I really do have a fanatical love of the game of golf. If you want proof go to our archives and read the ‘No-Not Wednesday' topic that was written on 6/18/98. That will bring it home for you and also will introduce you to Lynn, one of my golfing buddies.

I can call him a buddy now, but not on the golf course. We hate each other, because the only reason for being there is to destroy one another. We've been teeing off at 4:07 with Jim and the mythical Tim now for years and years. More than I care to remember.

Let me tell you, I have a spread sheet with all our scores for the past several years. The last two years I cleaned Lynn's clock on the golf course. He didn't stand a chance. Even though he always says it is because I keep score, we all know the truth don't we? I kicked some butt the last couple of years.

And that is why it is so difficult to say that we have played three times so far this year. And I have lost not once, not twice, but three times. Last week I was up one stroke going into the 18th hole, and Lynn ended up beating me by 2 stokes. There are some things that are hard to take, but that has to be the worst torture a true golf competitor would ever want to experience. I'm lucky I'm alive!!

And why am I writing this?

Well yesterday when it became apparent that I might loose the match, when I was 3 strokes down with one to go, I told Lynn to look at my web page. And I know he will.

You see, I'll do anything to get that extra hit on my pages. But this is the ultimate revenge. Look at all that garbage above this he had to read to get to where I talked about him. Just think of all that time of his I wasted! Now that I have him off-guard, I think the tide is about to turn. Next week Lynn, You and Romeo are mine!!! (Romeo is Lynn's friend who uses voodoo against me!)

See ya next week Lynn. Be prepared to die!!!!

And I do apologize for wasting your time. But don't forget to take advantage of our low price guarantee, and maybe you will consider this reading very valuable indeed!

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Revised 4/21/99