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Well, the time has finally come to move on to a new look for Train City. Actually it doesn't look that different. As a matter of fact possibly you didn't know that we changed our look! Well, that is improbable because now our menu is on top instead of the left side. That would have to be a big clue!

Two or three months ago I got the idea of changing the look, not because I didn't like the old pages. As a matter of fact that was a big problem for me, because I really liked the old look. That is why we have tried our best to keep a very similar look. My biggest problem was that I liked the Train City Logo on top of our pages, and with the new look I could not figure out what to do with it. But finally I learned the ancient Chinese secret of using a water mark under the text, and actually I think that looks better now. I know it takes much less time to open as the file is much smaller.

I sincerely feel that our pages are much more functional and easier to use now. Some of the new features are:

The menu at the top of the page is multi-functional. Yes, the one right at the top of this page. Yea, that one right up there! Of course it serves as a menu for our pages. But it also contains the text lists, which appear in black letters. Just click on American Flyer, Lionel, etc., and the text list will appear magically before your eyes. This is a handy feature because no matter where you are in our pages you can at any time click on any of the lists to view them. You don't have to click into a page then click again for the lists. They are always there. Hey, you can try it right now, then hit the back button to come back. As you can see, there is a problem with the text lists in that they justify totally left. I would much rather have them centered on the page, but I'm not sure that is possible. If you know of a way, please let me know.

In addition to the text lists our database will always be at your fingertips to use at any time. You can search or browse no matter where else you are on our pages. And if you find something you want to order, just add the quantity and click the add button. And what is really nice is that if you order say three items, and want to go to a different section of our pages, you can come back, and your order will still be in memory. Then you can just continue to order away. So why don't you try ordering say 15 really expensive items, then come back to this article. Why you will be able to finish your order after reading this. (Boy do I wish everyone would do that!)

The problem with the database and shopping cart system now is that some of the script is written in perl files, which I do not have access to. I am trying to get the designer of the program to make changes so everything will look better and make more sense. Everything works now, but not everything looks good yet. Once these changes are made, everything should fit together nicely. So, please excuse our mess for just a short time. But if you want to order, please do as everything works.

Any time you want to get back to the main page, just click on ‘home'. If you need to email us, just click on ‘contact us'. It is very easy to navigate our pages now, much more so that before. Each different menu you go into is titled in the maroon strip at the top right, so it is hard to get lost. So now I want you to click on the ‘contact us' link and send me an email. If you do, I will give you a star for the day!! But don't forget to hit the ‘back' button so you can finish reading this fascinating article!

Our pages are made mainly for 800 X 600 pixels. You can view it through any size, but our pages will look best using 800 X 600 pixels, which is probably the most popular size. If you use 640 X 480, and have no reason for using that size, try 800 X 600. I think you will find most sites cater to that size. 640 X 480 pixels does present a slight problem to our pages in that you might have to scroll down on the top menu to get to the menu section. And first time viewers wouldn't know that, figuring that I had gone nuts and just eliminated the menu. And that would be nuts!! So if you do use 640 X 480, you could experience some inconvenience since you would have to scroll down with each menu. Sorry about that. On the main menu on the right side we now have ‘new collection', which is highlighted by two astricts on either side. These are pictures of a new collection which will be appearing on our pages shortly. And you can check that right hand side of the main menu for other interesting selections as they become available.

In short, I think we have the best web pages in the universe!! Of course I guess I might be a little bias, but who's perfect.

If you run across any bugs, or problems with our site, please let us know. Of course different viewers sometimes present different problems, and we would like everyone to have easy access to our pages.

I hope you enjoy our new look, and hope you continue to visit frequently.

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Revised 7/8/99
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