Huge Airports

It was a dark stormy night. I was awakened by a sudden noise. I couldn’t detect what the noise was because it was pitch black. I tried to move but nothing worked. I couldn’t raise my hand nor my legs. I started to perspire with fright as I realized I was in an unfamiliar place and hadn't a clue where that might be. I cringed in pain as I tried to move my head to my left in the direction the noise came from. Suddenly my eyes started to adjust to the blackness and I could make out a figure. A figure that was moving towards me. I screamed for mercy as it was upon me. And then I heard-- ‘What do you want Daddy?”

Thank goodness I then recognized my daughter Kathy and then remembered we were on a train buying trip in North Dakota.

And you wondered how I got that ulcer back in May??

Actually that almost happened, well actually it was a dream. It must have been the bed which was really uncomfortable.

We had a great time in North Dakota. That is the first time in my life that I have spent the 4th of July away from home I think other than the time my wife and I were in Can Cun, Mexico several years ago. We came home to a surprise that time I remember. Our nephew Joe had the audacity to come into this world while we were away!

You may or may not have noticed the really nice Lionel post war inventory that has appeared on our pages of late. There is still a lot left, but some of the really nice items have gone. Sometime I keep an item for my mainly post war collection. This item was special because I had never seen one before. A Lionel #462 derrick platform was my prize from this collection. Would you believe Like New+ in the original box?

I am the type collector that most operators hate. I never run my trains, they stay locked up in their boxes for no one to see. I actually find this not very exciting myself, except pride of ownership I guess. But I have decided to take pictures and show off my treasures in an upcoming article here on my web page. That would be something different for me. I mean actually talking about trains!!!

As I said Kathy and I had a great trip. We did have some excitement in Minneapolis though. I don’t know who built that airport, but it is huge. We were unfortunate enough to have to go from one side to the other, and only had around 25 minutes to catch our plane.

As we started walking down the corridor I started to worry because as I looked straight ahead I couldn’t see an end. We walked as fast as we could and did in fact make it with two minutes to spare!

The seller of the collection and his wife were very nice indeed. We had a great sit down lunch, and were treated very nicely. That is very nice, and we thank you very much for the hospitality hoping they may read this.

Speaking of huge airports, I’ll be in another one in Orlando, Florida in two weeks. Vacation in Florida in August? Heck no. Way to hot down there for a vacation. I’ll be buying another Lionel collection. And with any luck another American Flyer collection from one of the mid-west states will come through. I am very hopeful for that because it is almost as big as the one I purchased in California earlier this year, and heaven knows you can never have enough American Flyer trains around!!

Well after the very rough Spring (health wise), this Summer is starting to shape up. The weather has been fabulous, and I have managed to golf to the point of almost being golfed out. Well that is only natural when you can’t golf for six weeks!

This coming Monday and Tuesday I have the pleasure of golfing in the Erie Golf Classic where touring pros play. It is so embarrassing when I hit it farther than them, and score lower. Of course then I wake up and realize I ain’t no pro!!

Actually if you live in or near Erie and plan on going to the classic I have some free tickets for you. I help sponsor the event so I get more than my share of tickets. If you would like some tickets, please give me a call. If I have any left, they are yours.

Lionel has a new President and Chief operating officer. Wellspring Associates L. L. C. announced on July 26, 1999 the appointment of Mr. Richard N. Maddox to that position. He was a past Senior Vice President of sales and marketing at Bachmann Industries. One of his goals is to make Lionel more competitive. Ten years ago that wouldn’t have applied because there wasn’t much competition! How fast things change.

As I understand it Lionel is now offering to sell trains on their web site, once again competing with their dealers. When will manufacturers ever understand that you don't try to compete with your retail outlets. Lionel has done this in the past as well as Williams. It hurt Lionel dealer relations back in the 80's when they did it. And I still hear dealers mumble they won't handle any Williams products because of their direct sales in the retail market. And you wonder why I don't handle much from the current manufacturers. Well there are other reasons, but when your manufacturer is trying to compete against you, that is a bit much!! But don't get me wrong, I still love Lionel. Always have, always will. I just wish they would get their act together. Maybe the new President will have some business sense!

We are continually working on our shopping cart system to make it better and more friendly to use. Now if you do a search or browse instead of receiving 10 hits at a time, you receive 50 hits. This takes a little longer to search through our huge database, but I think it is a little more convenient than having to click on ‘next 10’ all the time! Many more improvements to come soon!

And yes there is a rumor going around that very soon there will be an extra discount just for ordering on-line from Train City. Well let me tell you, this rumor is absolutely true. So stay tuned.

Now I ain’t no Doctor, but if you are a little out of shape I recommend you start running at least 5 miles a day, leg lifts, squats and anything you can do to keep that body of yours in good shape. Because someday you may face the dilemma that Kathy and I had in Minneapolis. And if that happens, you’d better be ready or you may experience the dreaded door slam just as you run up to the gate. (I hate it when that happens!)

Take care, and oh yea. Please buy some trains from us. We have to make room for the next collection!

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