To Hot To Golf

I'm down here in Florida sitting in my air conditioned room on a Saturday Morning with golf courses all over the place. And I brought my clubs! What is wrong with this picture? Why aren't I out golfing like a normal golf nut you ask? Because it is to hot. I never thought I'd say that, but it is true. The only place for me today will be in the Atlantic Ocean, which is around a block away. And why aren't I in the Ocean right now you ask? Boy are you nosy!! Well actually I am down here in Florida on a business trip, and it probably isn't a bad idea to get some work done! And besides that the water is boiling hot!!

I did a lot of work yesterday buying a nice Lionel MPC collection. The absolute worse part of my job is packing those train collections I buy. This one wasn't nearly as bad because most of the items are new in the original boxes, and they pack easier. But it still took me over five hours to pack the 21 huge boxes that are being shipped up North this week. I should receive them in a week or so, and you will see them appearing in our ‘new stuff' soon.

Actually it was a fun trip yesterday. The gentleman I purchased the collection is a true train nut, just like many other people I know. He took me in his train room, which I thought, well this is nice as I looked on the forward and left wall. Then I turned to my right and my eyes almost fell out of my head!! There was his 17' by 40' train layout. Wow!!! I really wanted to see it operate, but knew we had a lot of work to do, so I didn't ask.

I did manage to coax him into giving me some pictures of his huge layout, so when I get back, I will scan them and show his layout to you. You will be amazed at the trains that I didn't buy!!! I know I am! (But maybe someday......)

The last time I was in Florida I tried updating my page, but it didn't work. My old modem had gone bad I think. So if you see this appear on my pages, you know my new modem works. Actually it works faster than my main computer modem. I wish my laptop was as fast!

If you have your current ‘Classic Toy Trains' magazine, turn to an editorial in the very front about on-line auctions. It was brought to my attention that in that article they are actually talking about me when referring to a ‘well respected dealer'. Wow! I didn't think I ever got any respect. My middle name is Rodney Dangerfield.

At any rate, everyone is talking about on-line commerce now. I have been interviewed by our local television stations and newspapers on a couple occasions. It seems everyone is amazed that on-line commerce works.

I remember when I got started with the first commercial electric train web site in the world, it was a mess. My Internet provider didn't know anything. They gave me the space to put my pages, but when I asked them how I wrote the pages, they just said ‘look it up on-line. It's called HTML.' Wow, such a help.

That was before secure transactions or on-line databases had been introduced. And to think that is only around 3 ˝ years ago. I swear that there are 10 cyber years to 1 normal year, because everything changes so fast. So that would mean that I have been on-line now for 30+ cyber years. Yea, that's much more like it!

My encounter with Ralph's train collection here in Florida has prompted me to introduce a new section to our web pages. It will be in the features section, and entitled ‘collections'. I'll feature train collections and layouts in this section. So if you have something you are proud of, please send us some pictures and text about it. My collection will appear in that section as soon as I have a chance to take pictures.

Well, I'd better end this. I just had the urge to go and hit golf balls. I don't think it is to hot to just go to the driving range. I mean, you don't have to walk or anything, and there is usually a cool building around. I mean, I brought my clubs anyway. Hmmmm, maybe I'll catch a couple of holes afterwards. Gotta go..........


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