3-2-1-0...It's A Launch

A new Train Auction Site is born tonight as I upload this article. You wonít find much yet at http://www.choochooauctions.com as it is brand new. My partner Bob Zimmer and I each have an auction running on the site. Mine is a 336 American Flyer challenger which is now bid at a lofty $26.00. (At this writing.) Now if you think that is a good price for a $400.00 engine, I challenge you to register at our new site and bid on it!!! Just click on the logo which appears on our first page.

This is not just our auction house, actually anyone can run their own auctions also. And at least until December 1st there is no charge for auctions. All you need to do is register. You donít even have to use your credit card to register at this time.

Two months ago I had no idea we would be launching another site. But the idea came to me as I have seen other train auctions on-line. There is one dealer in particular who seems to do pretty well with his auctions, and then I received my ebay bill and thought what the heck, letís do it.

At first my intentions were to simply offer trains on my own auction house just as the train dealerís auction site was set up. But then I thought wouldnít it be nice to not only be able to offer my own auctions, but to offer anyone the option of auctioning their trains as well much like ebay.

My partner Bob Zimmer used to do train shows with me several years ago. Bob is probably one of the more knowledgeable train buffs I know. And he is the one who got me started with ebay auctions and this crazy auction house idea.

Let me say this up front that we do not have the slightest notion of competing with ebay. I think you would have to be crazy to think that you can compete with that. But this will be an action house for trains and only trains. We will tolerate nothing but electric trains and train related items. In addition we intend to included helpful and interesting articles, and in essence we will be trying to create a new train community within the Internet.

Starting from absolute scratch I have balked at this idea several times within the past couple of weeks. And that is another reason I went in partnership with Bob Zimmer. Heís a doer. Of anyone I know if Bob canít get this off the ground, no one can.

It is not an easy task though. Because if you go to a site and there is nothing or very little there to bid on, then you may leave and never return. But I know people who know me will return, many every day, because the gloves come off with this site. This will be a place where I will sell not only old or junk items as I have been doing on ebay, but new inventory. And I personally will be auctioning some choice pieces. I will however continue to offer the vast majority of my inventory at traincity.com.

So hopefully keeping that in mind you will visit our new site. As I said it is easy to register, and you can bid at any time once you are registered. As a matter of fact you can easily place your own auctions once you are registered.

A couple of months ago when ebay was having problems with lengthy down time I remember reading a posting in a news group that read something like: Now that ebay is down all the time try a real auction house. Come to whatever the name of the auction house was.

I laughed at some of the responses. One person replied something like: Why would I go to your site when there are only two items listed, and I can go to ebay where there are thousands of items.

Now that statement made a heck of a lot of sense to me, and that is the statement that has stayed in the back of my mind that I hear over and over. Why would anyone want to visit Choochooauctions.com when they can go to ebay?

Iíll tell you why. Because Choochooauctions.com is for trains and nothing but trains. We are going to crawl and fight our way up that ladder. I know we wonít reach ebayís toenails, but we will give it our best effort to become the favorite full service train auction site on the web. A place where you will be able to buy and sell trains and have fun doing so. That is our goal.

If you can, please help us out by registering. It is free and you donít have to buy or sell anything to do so. Just go to: http://www.choochooauctions.com

Oh, and if you have a big collection of trains to sell, you are welcome to sell it at Choochooauctions.com. But I guarantee it will be a lot easier just selling the whole thing to me. After all I deal in electric trains. I buy and sell trains and I love what I do. And now I guess I'm going to be an auctioneer too!!

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