Don't Call My Son A Muppet

Hey guys, hope your Summer is going as good as mine. It has been one busy Summer here in Beautiful Erie, Pa. One thing after another.

As you may or may not know I am an avid golfer. I got a bonus this year in my Son Charlie who had given up the game several years ago started up again. And that is super, as we have had a lot of fun on Sunday afternoons with my other son John. If you have kids, you know how wonderful it is to find something that everyone enjoys doing together.

For Father's day John got me this Tiger Woods golf game, which must really be fun, as the kids play it all the time. (I plan on doing it in the Winter when I'm not tied up so much on the real golf course.) The really interesting thing about this particular game is that you can play it against other players on the Internet. John who really likes the game and is getting pretty good at it has played with people from all over the world.

Last week he played with two players from Ireland of all places, and he said they weren't very nice to him. They called him a Muppet!!! Just curious if anyone knows what a Muppet is? Should he be offended? Anyone from Ireland read this? A Muppet!! I'll tell you one thing, if it is not complimentary, they possibly wouldn't want to say that to John in person. He's at football camp right now!

Most of you reading this probably have at least some computer experience. Maybe someone reading this can help me out and maybe keep me out of the basket weaving farm at the same time!

I have a computer network, and our point of sales and business management program runs on an old dbase 4 dos program. I actually wrote most of the program myself, and that is one reason I haven't moved onto something a little more modern in Windows format. It is set up exactly how I want it, and easy to change and add features when I want to. At any rate, my program has worked very well for some 10 or more years now with few glitches.

Around two months ago I bought a new computer and put Windows 2000 on it. My program worked on this system without a hitch for around a month. Then all of a sudden for no reason the program would freeze up on me. I run this on a network with three other computers in the store. Actually I just added one after getting the new computer. The obvious reason would be Windows 2000 being the problem, but can anyone confirm this? The fact that it worked fine on Windows 2000 for such a long time, then started screwing up is confusing to me. If anyone knows anything about my problem, I would sure appreciate it.

The painted collection is now almost completely processed. I have never been so happy to finish a project in my life!! It took me some 5 or 6 weeks, and every time I worked on it I got a little mad. I talked to the person who appraised it not to long ago and he insisted that after 3 months of appraising the collection that he didn't know anything in the collection was painted. (As it turns out 70% of the collection had some silver paint on it.) That is very hard to believe indeed, especially when he told me that he has been in the hobby for 25 years. But he did make the comment that I shouldn't be complaining, because I had a chance to look it over, and if I didn't see the paint, to bad. Did you ever see steam come out of someone's ears? Well at that point, you certainly would have seen it had you been with me in my office when he made that comment. I think I almost burned the phone against my ear!

Well, I hate to say this, but I probably should. Today is my birthday. I won't say how old I am, but I feel pretty nifty today. Just another hill to go over, right?

Boy would I ever like to thank everyone for your business here at and You have kept us busier than we deserve in one year. This Summer has been just absolutely super for business. And this is the train business!! Once again, thank you very much for the biz.

We are short handed right now. We lost someone around a month ago, which worked out pretty good as my Son John need a Summer job anyway. I am now looking for two people to fill the void, and hopefully we will be back to full strength again soon. Poor Joyce Honey is working harder than ever to keep up. But as always she is coming through.

Sorry this isn't much about trains, but sometimes it is nice to talk about other things. So let me end this with this thought. Why not play with your trains outside this Summer. It's hot, they'll look nice, and I'll sell more trains! Just a thought. :)

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