The Miricle Kid

Here we go again towards another fun filled train season. They used to call it Winter! Actually it is more like train season all year around for most of you by the looks of things lately. You sure are keeping us on our toes!

I have the most wonderful news that happened to us last week. (Sorry this is not related to trains, but this really is a miracle.)

One day in late August my wife Ginger and my 12 year old Daughter Kathy walked into my office unexpectedly. They looked a little worried, and the first thing out of my wife's mouth was Kathy has a heart defect. She has a hole in her heart.

I can't explain my reaction as I was horrified by the news. As it turns out Kathy has been having trouble with what we thought was asthma most of the summer. We thought it was asthma, but in reality it was due to this heart problem. And she has had the problem since birth, but the symptoms only recently started appearing.

It took us a month or so wait to get in to see a specialist at Children's hospital in Pittsburgh. Thank goodness there was a special experimental procedure that Kathy was eligible for that would most likely eliminate the traditional open heart surgery that would normally be required to fix the hole in her heart. The only problem was there wouldn't be an opening for that procedure for three or four months. But we opted for it anyway even though Kathy's condition was deteriorating. The Doctor assured us that she could wait that long.

That was Thursday, Friday I received a call from the Hospital telling me that there had been a cancellation for the procedure for the following Tuesday.

Well to make a long story short, last Tuesday at 8:15 AM Kathy was taken into the operating room. At 11:45 the doctor came out into the waiting room declaring the operation a complete success!

Kathy was home on Wednesday afternoon and she went to school Friday. What a miracle! She wouldn't have been to school for 4-5 weeks had this been the old open heart surgery. And there would have been a whole lot more pain involved.

Now we call Kathy the miracle kid!

We will be buying a number of train collections in the near future. I am working on five right now. I will purchase a pretty large Lionel collection next week. That one is for certain. I know you will like that one so make certain you check out our ‘newstuff' file starting around October 13th. (Wow, that is Friday the 13th!)

And finally I have a good lead on some really nice American Flyer. Now this isn't in the bag yet. But I am working on it, and if it does come through, you American Flyer guys are going to love it, so stay tuned. has been unbelievable lately. As you may or may not know I hired Debbie Ronai to make sure that we have plenty of auctions running on and some on ebay also. You'll definitely find the majority of them on choochoo though.

To be honest I wasn't sure what would happen when we started increasing drastically the number of auctions. This has been going on for three weeks now and I am finding it is drawing more people to register at than ever before, mainly because the selection and diversity is better. And there are still some real bargains going.

The thing that I find somewhat interesting is that some of the items bid higher than our original asking prices offered on this site. So be careful when you are bidding. You could find it at our store cheaper!

The Lionel-MTH war has been talked about in both O Gauge Railroading and Classic Toy Trains lately. One thing that I never could do was take sides as many people have done. There have been some stiff exchanges over this subject at our message boards recently. Click here if you want to take a look, or add your own comments.

One thing I am finding that is difficult to explain is that our shopping cart system or on-line train store is updated daily. Many people look at our text lists which are updated only twice monthly and think that they are current. But if you really want to look at our current inventory make sure you search or browse using the menu at the top of the page. If you see it there, you can bet there is a 99% chance we actually have it.

I am very sorry to say that golf season is quickly coming to an end. We probably only have no more than a handful of comfortable rounds left this year. (Unless I find a collection to buy in Florida in November this year. That just may happen again this year!) I did manage to get in over 100 rounds again this year. I loved every minute of it! Except for the times I ended up in the drink. Unless it is the 19th hole you are talking about. Then it's fun to drink!

One last thing, I was looking at the many auctions that ended over the past couple of days and I found that there were no auctions with payment due other than those that ended yesterday. You guys are the greatest. That's probably why I love this business so much. Because I don't think you will find nicer, more honest people to deal with. Thanks guys very much for your business.

If you have comments or feedback regarding this article or any subject having to do with electric trains, please feel free to visit our message boards, where you can discuss topics related to trains with other train enthusiasts.

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