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Over the last week or so I did some traveling to buy train collections. First I flew to Florida for a nice mainly pre-war collection. This is the second time I've bought trains from this gentleman. Now, anytime I go to Florida, I take a couple of extra days because, well that has to be obvious!!! I took my golf clubs and snuck three rounds in. Boy am I rusty! I also went swimming and running along Cocoa Beach. (Do I ever love that place!) Went down to Palm Beach and helped count for a while. (I think I got a couple of pregnant dimples in for Bush!! :) And last but not least I took this gambling cruise out of Cape Canaveral.

I've been going to Cocoa Beach for a long time now, but never realized they had these gambling cruises. What a deal! It costs nothing, but you do need to phone ahead and make a reservation. The food's free, the drinks are free. You don't have to gamble if you don't want to. And that particular day was a beauty with sun and around 88 degrees. To top all that off I won money! Like I say you can't loose on that one.

So now I definitely want to make another buying trip to Florida in January. I feel guilty that I won money. I want to give the boat a chance to win it back. So if you have trains for sale and live in Florida, please give me a ring. I'll guarantee you that my prices are much better than what the locals pay down there!!! (Everyone that I buy from down there tells me the same thing.)

After my extremely boring and grueling trip to Florida I returned to the snow storm of the year. I can't even believe that the plane was able to land. (I was hoping it would turn around and go back when I saw what I saw!) But it did land, and the next two days Erie, Pa. was the dumping grounds for that white power they call snow!

I stayed in town only long enough to catch up on some work. The next morning my Son John and I traveled down I-79 towards Maryland to pick up yet another train collection. (Not to soon either, because a couple of hours after we left, they closed I-79 in Erie County.)

My Son John was eligible to go for his driver's licence the day after I arrived. He was extremely disappointed with me when I told him I didn't think I would have time to take him for the test the next day because I would be busy trying to get ready for our trip. But that turned out OK also, because of the snow, and I don't think the driver exam place was open the next day anyway.

At any rate, I let John drive most of the trip. Trusting him the way I do, I didn't pay much attention to what was going on because I was playing a game on my new cell phone. Probably not the most wise thing I have ever done in my life. After one game I looked up not recognizing the highway we were on. As it turns out John had taken us into Pittsburgh instead of around it eventually losing us maybe a half hour. I told him about this tricky part where 79 and 70 converge, and went back to my game. Half hour later I realized that John had stayed on 70 instead of getting back on 79 like I had told him. Boy do I ever hate backtracking! But it was a learning experience and all in all he did a good job. I'm sure he's ready for his test now. So I'll take him this coming Tuesday, the next time the exam place is open. (Erie, Pa. residents beware!!!)

I had received a list for this collection we were going to pick up. I was sure we would be able to fit everything in the van, and we did. Until they told me, there's more. I thought maybe a couple of pieces, but no, they brought box after box into the room. To say the least a good part of that collection is coming via UPS.

From Maryland, we ended up finally in Pittsburgh again where we spent a nice Thanksgiving.

I purchased a large collection earlier this year that turned out to be one of the best I have ever bought. I just received confirmation that I will be buying the rest that they didn't sell to me back then and it should be here mid-week.

I also purchased another collection in the store from a long time customer yesterday.

And to top things off this coming weekend I am going to look at the most expensive Lionel post war collection I have ever been involved with. By no means have we made a deal on this one yet. Normally I make the deal using lists before I travel to purchase collections. But this one I have to see first only because it is graded so high, I want to make sure what I'm getting into before making an offer. Besides that it isn't that far away. With any luck we'll make a deal on this collection. But if we do, I'll be in hawk up past my eyes, so I won't be buying trains for a while afterward. But until a deal is made, I'm still buying. I learned that lesson last month!

So as you can see, I am working hard to continually offer you guys and gals a whole bunch of trains. Keep checking our list because it will be growing continually if I can help it.

I bought my partner out and am now sole owner of choochooauctions.com. This is good news for you because I have contracted to make some improvements on the site. This will happen in a couple of weeks depending on when you are reading this. (Written 11/27/00) I was told that the site will be down for around a half hour while it is being updated. Now this may or may not be correct. Hopefully that will be the brunt of it. Regardless I am asking the programmers to make the changes when there are no auctions ending so that affects will be minimal.

I was reading an article today on the death of dotcom. There are a bunch of dotcom companies that are going out of business. Thank goodness we aren't one on them! Actually I think the companies like ours that have been around a long time before dotcom was even thought of and more or less tried to supplement their business with the web are not affected much with this serious problem. Actually what some of those companies were spending on advertising alone, I don't know how they lasted as long as they did. I guess some of them just ran out of money and investors. Good reason to be a sole proprietor with common sense I guess. I wonder how that dotcom company that invested in adverting for last year's Super Bowl did. Are they still in business?

Well, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will have a great holiday season. Don't forget to play with those trains, because after all, that is what the holidays are about. Nothing looks better than a tree with an electric train around it!

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