Trains In The Summertime

Who ever thinks of electric trains in the Summer? I mean there are all those Summer activities outdoors. Me for one, well I love golf. That is more or less almost all I do in the Summer except for every once in a while I show up for work at the Train Store. What am I saying? Not the Train Store, I mean Train City. Actually there is another train store in Erie called the Train Store, so I have to be careful what I say.

Although there are those mornings when I come to work after a night out with the guys that it would be entirely possible that I did show up at the wrong place of business, if you know what I mean. For instance, take my Tuesday match with Jim, Lynn, and Rick. Well actually we call our foursome Lynn, Jimm, Quin, and Flynn because originally it was Jim, Lynn, Tim, and Charlie. My name really was out of place, so I just changed it to Flyn. But then Tim quit and Rick started playing, and well, Rick definitely doesn't match, so we changed his name to Quin. And then, I noticed that the names had different numbers of letters, so I fixed that by making them all four letters.

I'm wondering how many paying customers I have lost by now. After reading that last paragraph you still think it would be hard for me to show up at The Train Shop after a night out with those guys? No, because it does digress after golf. Believe me!

Today as I am writing this it is Wednesday. I do not feel exactly 100%. And in a couple of hours myself and Jimm tee of in a tournament. Why do they have to have golf tournaments on Wednesdays? It's not fair. We are going to have to think about changing our Tuesday foursome to another day, because I personally do not excel in Wednesday Tournaments. Except for we've always met at the same place on Tuesday's at 4:07PM for years. I don't know if we can break the habit.

So let's get back to the main subject.... Who does trains in the Summer? Well, I could name a couple of names!!! Actually a whole bunch of names. Thank goodness!! It is definitely not as busy in the Summer as it is in the Winter, but we sure would like to thank those of you who allow us to keep our store doors open in the Summer. You know who you are. You deserve a pat on the back, because you are the guys and gals who are there with their trains through thick and thin, and Summer. You love trains as much as I love golf. And that is saying something! (Please don't get me wrong, I love trains also, but not as much in the Summer!)

Now if you are still reading, there is something wrong with you! But that is ok. It's not serious. It is just that you have absolutely nothing better to do than read my rambles, and I think I am doing a pretty good job here aren't I?

I received a call from Roger Karp the other day who is an Associate Editor with Classic Toy Trains. Several years ago I wrote an article that Classic Toy Trains accepted and actually paid me for. This had to have been six or more years ago. Well Roger gave me the good word that the article is actually going to be published in an upcoming issue. It's a good thing he didn't call on a Wednesday. I probably would have fainted!

We have some bad news for you auction fans. Debbie Ronai our Auction Administrator for is moving out of our area and unfortunately won't be with us much longer. She has been absolutely fantastic in this position and I am very sad to see her go.

We are going to be interviewing for the position over the next couple of weeks. If anyone with secretarial and computer skills is interested in this position that lives in the Erie area, please email me. I plan on having this position filled by the end of the month.

OK, that was the bad news, now the good news. Next week I'll be traveling to Georgia to pick up a large Lionel and American Flyer pre-war standard gauge collection. This should be pretty much a done deal unless we run into problems at inspection. So if you know anyone that collects Lionel and American Flyer Standard Gauge, please pass the word. They'll hit the ‘new stuff' file probably at the very end of this month.

Well, it is time to go golfing. Tendinitis and all. My left arm feels like it is going to fall off. And I have the tournament today, one on Saturday and Sunday, then another one on Monday. Of course then I have my regular Tuesday and Wednesday foursomes. I'd tell you about our Wednesday foursome, but they are normal nice people, unlike the Tuesday foursome, so the subject is a little boring.

Well, gotta go. F O R E........

Epilog.... Well, it is the next day after writing the above rambling. Unfortunately for me I had to withdraw from the tournament after 15 holes because my left arm fell off. (Well it felt like it had!) No golf for me for a while, but that's OK, because now I have time to play with my trains!!!! Choochoochugalugachoochoochugaluga.......

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