A Horrific Tragedy, But....

When my Secretary Phyllis yelled to me yesterday that an airplane had hit one of the Trade Center Buildings, of course I immediately turned the television on, probably like everyone else instinctively did around the world.

I knew that an airplane hitting the Trade Center couldn't be pilot error, but was overcome with emotion as I watched the horrific events play out. I had no idea the little prop plane that I had envisioned would actually be a huge jet, then another, and then yet another.

My heart goes out to those in the New York, Washington, DC, and other areas directly affected by this horrible act. But it also goes out to everyone in this wonderful country of ours, as everyone lost something yesterday.

Last night I was at a loud restaurant with friends, and when the President appeared on television suddenly you could hear a pin drop. It was complete silence.

The silence was broken when the President finished with an imbecile's statement that was clearly heard by many people. "What an idiot."

Needless to say within minutes he was escorted very vigorously out the door by some very angry people.

He didn't realize that at a time of tragedy in this country we rally behind our President regardless of his political views. Unfortunately there are many people who don't really get that, because they have never been through something like this. But it should be instinctive, as I doubt any tragedy since the assassination of John F. Kennedy has affected so many this emotionally.

One of the wonderful things about the American People is that they get stronger at a time of crisis. I know that the reason behind the terrible acts that took place yesterday was to conquer and divide us. To take our soul. To disillusion us, and take our confidence as a country from us.

Little do they know that as a result of these cowardly acts of terrorism our Country will become stronger in the end. Because we are Americans!

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