Mean Women At The Gym

Ok, alright, I know this is a weird title. But bear with me. It's been around a month since I have updated our pages and I am under a lot of pressure to come up with an interesting and fun topic here.

It is not easy writing these things. Sometimes I just don't have a clue what to write or what to call it. Actually that is the case this time, and I am a little embarrassed to admit that. (Wow, I finally learned how to spell embarrassed without having to spell check it!)

Ok, so now you think I'm nuts, but trust me, this will all fit into place at some point in time within this rambling. It always happens, even though I have nothing to do with that sequence.

You see I have these little train guys in my brain that tell me what to write. I am totally brain dead as I write this right now. They have taken over my brain, and it is such a nice thing because then you don't have to think! I hate thinking. I am actually hovering over my desk at this moment. Oh look, there, you can see the keyboard keys move as I think. Wow, far out man! Guess I should have asked what those pills were before taking them this morning!

We did have our Train City Christmas Party this past Saturday night and I think everyone had a great time. Her's a picture from the party. That's Hank Bodamer on the left sitting next To Linda Kovach and her Husband. Bob Zimmer is on the right next to his wife, and the others are two small to see as I am not a professional photographer, but try to boast that I am. I'm not in it, because I actually snapped the shot. I had one to many that night and didn't feel so good the next morning. That's never happened to me before! Hey, maybe that is why the picture didn't turn out so good!

By the way, you guys are the best. I had made the statement that I wanted to move trains this month, and move them we have. Still working on it. Like I had said, my plan was to offer you the best deals you can find, sell as much inventory as I can in December, then buy as much as I can in January and February. I don't know if that will happen, but that is the plan.

I know when people offer me something and tell me it's a good deal, I am usually leery. But when someone tells you their prices are the best you'll find or they'll beat them by 10%, well take that one to the bank. Several people have taken advantage of my offer. The reason there haven't been more is because our prices are extremely competitive and they couldn't find lower prices. I did have one person tell me that he found an item that was priced higher than mine and still wanted the discount. No, no, it doesn't work that way. At any rate, thanks very much to those of you who have made this a great start for sales in December. And thanks to you who will help us have a great finish to December also!!!

Have you ever gone to Church and felt a little pressured to give money? My motive is not to sound like that, so if you don't buy anything don't feel to guilty. We'll get by somehow!!!

Now this is Christmas time, and if you have a couple of minutes and haven't read this before, you might like this story. I bought a collection in West Palm Beach a couple of years ago, and this story was told to me by the seller. It is a wonderful tale if I do say so myself. So sit back, relax, get your favorite soft or hard drink, popcorn, the little lady, and read this wonderful example of Lionelism! Story: Nathan's Train Collection

I was at the gym yesterday and was working out like everyone else. Well it seems that this machine that I was on is very popular at this gym. I love the machine even though I can't remember what you call it. It is like you are running in place, but it's not a treadmill. It is very easy on the knees and feet of which mine are almost shot from years of hobbling.

OK, I'm on the machine minding my own business. And up comes this girl who looks at me funny as she writes her name on the sign-up sheet. Then she says, ‘hey, buster, this is my machine, get off'.

I looked at her like, what? I knew I had signed up. So as I continue exercising, I pull the sign-up board from the front of the machine and point at my initials, which are pretty clearly placed in the time lot I was in. But then I notice she had just signed her name next to the scribbled out name that was next to my initials.

I tried to explain what had happened, and that my initials were there next to the scribbled out part, and I thought I had convinced her.

So Big Butt Betty stomps off and in a couple of minutes comes back with an instructor who told me I had to get off the machine. I was surprised that he didn't have a machine gun with him. After a little explaining, the guy understood that under no circumstances known to man was I going to budge off of that machine. Gee the dog gone thing is supposed to lower your blood pressure, not raise it!

The moral to this story is that Nautilus Fitness Club in Erie Pa rated one of the top 100 Gyms in the country needs to buy more of these machines. I have never seen a machine cause more arguments and fights than this one, and the underlining problem is that there are not enough. And January is coming when all those people who normally don't go to the gym start their annual 2 to 6 week trek to make themselves feel better about themselves only to find that they are just to lazy to keep on coming in!!!

And on that note, I really need to get to the gym today to work off some of this anger that is built up in me. Is this a vicious cycle or what??

We at Train City hope that you and yours have the most wonderful holiday season possible. Don't forget this is the time of year that you are supposed to play with those trains for heaven's sake! (And maybe for mine!)

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