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Please excuse me for ignoring this page for this long of a time. Between the last two collections that I processed, it has been somewhat of a whirlwind, and actually this is the first time I've had a chance to write.

York has come and gone. I had good intentions of writing an ‘unofficial' York Report. Unofficial because I wasn't there. I was actually purchasing a really nice Lionel Post War collection that very weekend. It is funny, but for some reason I've purchased a significant train collection during York week twice a year since I stopped going! I'm not sure if this is just coincidence or good karma! Whatever it is, I like it!

Now this is only hearsay what happened there, but from reliable sources depending on who you want to believe.

The show was crowded from what I hear. Of course, when isn't York crowded. From a dealer's stand point though, it doesn't matter if the show is crowded or not. It is how much green comes into your pocket. I heard mixed reviews along with the amount of money that was spent there. (Hey everyone heard I had just purchased some collections, and wanted to get in on the real deals!)

Actually whether you do well at York usually has something to do with the fact whether you are willing to give your trains away or not. Although in the past I had some great shows, but why wouldn't I. My prices are always great!

The big boys, (Lionel and MTH) were there. I guess Mike was selling his new catalogues for 3 bucks. Isn't that sort of tacky, selling something to try to sell stuff? I should talk, I sell our monthly price list as well.

I did hear mixed reports about Mike blowing trains out at low priced undermining his dealers again. Actually that was from a very reliable source. But from just as reliable source, I was told that was hogwash, that Mike was fixing trains, not giving them away. And he did introduce his new remote DCS system. Wonder how that will compare with Lionels? I am writing this after asking that question. Just talked to a friend who says there are big time problems with the new DCS system by Mike. If you haven't bought one yet, wait!

Out of respect, Louis Redman's table was left empty. Of course Mr. Redman was the last surviving founding members of the TCA, and he passed away this past February. I thought that was a very classy thing to do!

A couple of weeks ago I had a whole lot more to say in my unofficial York Report. But my memory isn't what it used to be, so that's it. Moving right along......

I have to remember in the future never to hesitate when offered nice sized, quality Lionel post war collections. The collection I purchased around a month ago (the weekend of York) has passed through our inventory quickly. Although there is still a lot left, I was very pleased with sales from that collection. Now all I have to do is find some more train collections! Only a couple in sight right now. Hopefully those full page ads I've been running will bring some more in. We are trying! If you know of any good collections of Lionel Pre-War, Post War, MPC, American Flyer S gauge or Pre-War, please let me know. Actually I'll buy just about anything significant right now as I am making too much income on interest right now. I need to buy some trains for my own sanity! (I do pay finder's fees.)

I have to apologize to those of you using choochooauctions.com. We've been having a terrible time with the mail servers, which are not sending auction ending information. I actually use the servers and programs that run choochooauctions.com. However I don't maintain the software myself, and am forced to rely on others. You might remember a half year ago or so my provider changed hands, shutting the site down for a week or so. Well the new owners retained some of the programmers, however recently I think the remaining programmers quit. Unfortunately the current programmers don't know asp code, which is actually the problem. I understand that the company is in the process of hiring new personal. I am very hopeful that our problems can be solved soon. I have to thank everyone involved for their patience. Although it isn't a devastating problem, it is a nuisance.. Please be assured though that I am doing everything I possibly can to get this resolved including throwing tantrum, wining, stomping my foot, screaming in the phone, etc, etc!!

To explain this just a little further for those of you who aren't involved. There is an automatic email that the winner and seller of each auction are supposed to receive. That is not being received. (Although for a little while it was being received with no text.) We always follow up Train City auctions with e-mails the next day or so. This doesn't affect our customers as much as others auctioning trains on the site. The best thing to do is keep track of your auctions, especially sellers. All auction information is available in ‘advanced search', so you can check the auctions ending that day or any specific ones. With any luck this situation will be rectified soon!

I wrote an article for Classic Toy Trains that appeared an issue or two ago. It was an upbeat piece rebuking an earlier article in the same magazine that was somewhat negative. After these last two collections I am even more optimistic about the train market. I love this business!!!

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