A Nifty New Train Collection!

I've just returned from a buying trip to Connecticut. As you might have noticed, our inventory was getting very low. Not any more though as I just purchased a nifty Lionel collection that filled a 15 foot truck.

Bill sold this to me at his Mother's house in Connecticut. Actually Bill lives in Florida, and had to travel farther than me to sell his collection! When Bill first contacted me with the list, I was excited for two reasons. First it's a great collection of Lionel post war, early MPC with a little pre war and American Flyer S gauge mixed it. Second, I thought the collection was in Florida, so I was going to get a trip down South again.

I was actually a little disappointed when he told me it was in Connecticut, not that I don't like New England. It's great. But for some reason I just like going to Florida for collections. However it is July, and well, who really cares this time of year!

So Thursday I left Erie around 8AM, got there 9 hours later, and after getting lost a couple of times, finally did meet Bill, and we started looking over his collection that night. Now I was a little tired from traveling, and after not to long was starting to see double. That's a bad thing when you are paying someone, so we called it quits for the night.

Went back to the hotel to check on the truck and good grief, there were 10 policemen surrounding the car wash behind the parking lot where my truck sat.

There were guns pulled, ready for anything. I have to laugh at myself and everyone else who filled that parking lot to watch the drama unfold! I guess I'm braver than I though! (Actually probably dumber!)

Well let's just say nothing happened, but it was the first time I had ever witnessed such non-drama.

Back to business though, the next day it took us 2 hours to finish up and load the truck. I was out of there at 10, and got back at 6:30. A much faster trip than I had anticipated.

Now the collection is in storage, just waiting for me to get my hands on it. I'll start after finishing this.

But hold the fort. In two weeks I fly down South to pick up an incredible American Flyer S gauge collection. If this is graded correctly, this is going to be unbelievable, as there are many pieces in post war that are graded new! Please pass the word that we will have lots of new inventory for you, and since we haven't had much American Flyer for the past two years, this will be very refreshing!

I am working on another huge American Flyer collection right now that I haven't submitted a bid on yet. Train City will be the Mecca of American Flyer if I buy that collection also! Wouldn't that be nice!

I have been flooded with price lists of trains since we started the full page ads to buy in different magazines and flyers. Let's face it that is great. I just wish that more of the lists were for older trains. It is amazing how much MTH and new Lionel are for sale right now. It has actually become somewhat hard to buy as anyone that knows the market on newer inventory knows that the market is flooded with it, and it is a total buyers market. So you don't offer more than you have to.

I've said this over and over, but the reason the market is flooded with this newer stuff is because the major manufacturers are absolutely flooding the market with new products. This happened with baseball cards a number of years and depressed the whole market so badly, that you could hardly sell a card according to a good friend of mine who still deals in cards. With the exception of the older cards! Wonder why I'm mainly trying to buy older inventory, which has become harder and harder to find, let alone buy?

When will these people get it through their head that they are making to much stuff??

I would like to congratulate my Son John who just graduated from High School. In first grade the last thing we ever thought about was his graduating. We were just hopeful he would get through first grade! But as this kid always does, he more than surpassed his LD problems, and graduated an honor student. He'll be attending college this Fall with a bright future in sports management.

John took a life guarding course this past winter as he had an interest in working at our local beaches on Lake Erie. He did pass the course, but then found out to be a life guard for a state park in Pennsylvania, you have to be able to swim fast. John's always been a good swimmer, but this was a challenge to him as he played football and hockey. He wasn't on the swim team! So for the past three weeks John has been working extremely hard at something that he doesn't particularly like. He even had to give up weight lifting for those three weeks because that was interfering with his speed. I am very happy to say that John passed the test the other day. What a kid!

Well, I hear trains in the back room calling me. They are sitting in boxes, and want to get out to their new owners. Who knows, maybe you'll be one of those new owners. Check out the ‘new stuff' files over the next couple of months, as between these two collections there is going to be a lot of new inventory. And make sure you check out choochooauctions.com as well. There will be a good amount of this fabulous new inventory there as well.

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