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It has been a very long time since I have found time to write an article. I have been so busy between things that have been happening in business and golf that it has been impossible to sit down and write.

The reason I have time to do it today is that I'm not golfing as I was supposed to. A friend of mine was supposed to call me and tell me when our tee off time was. He never did, so here I sit.

I have some really good news for those of you using choochooauctions.com. As you know we've been having some really bad software problems with our old software. Recently I found some software that I liked to replace it with.

Since then it has been somewhat hectic trying to convert from the old software to the new. We had to actually use a temporary URL during the transition until all auctions ended on the old software. Those of you who have been using that URL, it will disappear soon. Hopefully by the end of this week, when you go to choochooauctions.com, you will end up at the new software. So those of you who have been using that temporary ip address, please be aware that when that disappears, try the old choochooauctions.com and it should take you to the new software. Well, cross your fingers on that one.

I'm not a web guru, so I am doing some things for the first time ever, which am a little leery whether or not they will actually work. But I've been assured they will, so let's hope for the best.

Some of you may know by now that there are some bugs in the new software. I expected this, because any time you change something, it seems as if that is the case.

But the difference between the old software and the new software is that we have programmers working on the bugs who are able to actually fix them. The old software had problems, and we had no way of fixing them. Or at least nothing got fixed for five months, and that was long enough of a wait for me.

The new software is a little bit different, but all in all I like it better. There are some nice features that I think you will like as I do. I can change things easier, and actually have a lot of control over how the site looks and works, which is nice! Please check it out by clicking on the banner on the first page.

Busy, me? I was at a party last week for some old friends. You know how that goes sometimes. Well one of my best friends was there who is the head partner of a major accounting firm. (No, not Anderson!) At any rate we were talking, and he was saying how he hasn't had one round of golf in this year. And then it got to the point where he is busier than heck. OK, so then he asks me how many rounds of golf have you had this year? After I told him something like 85 rounds, he almost fell down. Of course it digressed from there. "Charlie why don't you get a job?"

It is impossible to tell the guy I am probably as busy if not busier than you year round. Of course as it always goes other people start getting into the conversation and I get jabbed from all sides. Why does no one believe me that I actually work? OK, in the Summer time I have priorities, but at the same time hey, it is a beautiful day outside on a Sunday and I've been working since 7AM.

I guess there is nothing I can say to my friends to convince them that I actually work, so maybe I'll just act like a bum around them from now on. Maybe I'll just wear some junk clothes next year at the part, and beg for money. Maybe that would make them happy! LOL

In the last month or so I've been to Atlanta to pick up a pretty large American Flyer collection which I just finished yesterday. (Although more will appear on choochooauctions.com over the next couple of weeks.) And I was in Florida purchasing two Lionel collections in the Tampa area a couple of weeks ago. I'll start working on the Lionel collections this coming week.

Between the change over with the auction site, the new inventory, and golf I have not been able to get to the ever increasing pile of train lists that is accumulating on my desk. There are a couple of collections in the ‘pile' that look pretty good, so I'll start working on them this week. Hopefully we'll have even more great inventory coming in soon.

Last but not least. We will close down the old auction site with over 3000 users. Of course a bunch of those are bad email addresses, and people who are no longer active. But the new site has only a fraction of that number so far, which is a little bit of a frightening thought. Although I think once we get it back on track with the main domain name, the masses will return once again. I sure hope so.

Please enjoy the new site, it is still free unless you use some of the additional features. I am very happy to be able to offer this site for free. The hobby has given me so much over the years, it is nice to be able to give something back. I feel that the site is a great alternative to ebay as, well for one thing it is free, but you can also link back to your site, and some other great stuff that you can't do on ebay. Please enjoy it, and thank you very much for using it.

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