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Hello everyone from the train capital of the world, Erie, PA! Ok, a little white lie. Erie's not the train capital of the world. But it has to be the train capital of Pennsylvania, right? Ok, ok, you are right, not the train capital of Pennsylvania. The train capital of Erie County! Yea! Well, ok, I have to clarify that as there is an Erie County in New York! Geez, think I'm going to move. That introduction sounded so good!

So what is the train capital of the world? Could it be Altoona, maybe York, possibly Stroudsburg? I think it's in Pennsylvania. Wish it was in Florida. I'd much rather move there!

Speaking of Florida, looks like I'll be down there in around a month to pick up yet another train collection. This will be my 5th time in Florida this year. Four of the trips have been to purchase train collections! Am I ever glad there are trains in Florida! Taking my clubs, and will try to get a round or two in while I'm down there. I'd love to purchase another collection while I'm down there, so if you have one, please contact me asap. Hey for that matter I don't care where you live, if you have a train collection for sale and it is big enough to coax me into buying a train ticket, I want to visit! Buying train collections is fun! Yep, that's what I do.

This is the weekend of York. I almost went this time. I had intentions of taking some money and see if I could find an entire table full of trains to buy. Now that is an interesting idea. I have to do that one of these days.

Actually I would have gone, but as seems the case with every York weekend, I have to travel somewhere else, or stick around here to buy collections. This year was no exception. The last two days I actually purchased two collections.

The first was from an old customer of mine who used to live in ‘the train capital of'... errrr, Erie. He moved away to Michigan some 8 years ago. One of the nicest guys you'll ever want to meet. I remember I visited him once to see his American Flyer layout. He actually only lived down the street from my Mother's house. You couldn't have believed it! There were trains everywhere! I remember he had cut a hole through a wall and had a tunnel. I loved it!

Well at any rate when Hank moved I guess he moved into a smaller house. He had plans for a room to be his train room, but then the Grandchildren came, and you know how it goes. I guess he resigned to the fact that he was never going to be able to use that room for trains. So that's when he contacted me. It was nice seeing him and his Wife again.

So, in case you haven't noticed there are some nice American Flyer trains appearing in our ‘new stuff' file, and on I'm just hopeful now that Hank will buy a bigger house someday and buy some back from me! Although I must admit, even I would chose Grandchildren over trains any day!

It seems that the biggest reason people sell trains is because they are moving or down sizing. Of course that was the case with Hank, and it is the case with the other nice Lionel collection I purchased.

This was a real nice guy from Dayton, Ohio. I didn't know what to tell him as far as quoting a price when he told me he didn't know how to grade them when I asked after looking over his interesting list of trains. Sometimes it is difficult buying trains. So I wrote back telling him that I was really interested, but couldn't give him a concrete price without more grading information, or he could ship them to me.

Well, as it turned out, he drove them to me. And I looked through his collection, and wow!! Let me tell you, these trains are beautiful. There is even a ZW transformer that is still sealed in the original box. (I'll probably carefully open it as I don't have access to an X-ray machine!) Most of the post war is absolutely gorgeous! That's what I'll be working on once I am done writing this. So check out our ‘new stuff' file and for some really nice Lionel Post War trains.

We've gotten most of the bugs fixed on now. However there is one that you should know about. If you bid, then when you are still high bidder you decide to bid again, sometimes the program will completely delete your bids and someone else will be high bidder. I know that's not a good thing! The programmers are on this one, and should have it completely fixed very soon. But please avoid bidding against yourself until we have it fixed.

One other thing, since this is new software, even if you were registered with the old software, you still have to register. Registration is easy, so please just go to and register now. Wow, do I love this new software. Think I made the right decision in changing software even though it has been one pain in the wazoo!!

By the way, we have been updating our price guide over the past month or two. We'll add MTH soon, and get to everything with our most recent data. It is free, and gives our actual sale prices. If you never have, please check it out. The link is on the first page in the links under the topic. Or click here.

Well I suppose I could ramble on for pages and pages, but I know you would rather have me working on the new collection, so that's what I'll do.

Have a good one, and if you were in York, hope you had a great meet! Maybe I'll see you there next time!

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