My Life As A Zombie

I know I've complained about computer problems before. Sorry, I really don't want to be a habitual complainer, but this past Holiday season turned out to be the absolute worse time for computer glitches that I have ever experience.

It rivals a couple of years ago when on December 21 our whole computer system went down, and I was stuck to try to fix it all myself, not having a clue what I was doing!

It all started with a virus on my Laptop and one of the store computers. As it turns out after only a couple of days we figured that one out and it was a relatively easy fix. But then my main computer started acting up. I think it had some sort of a virus, but we never really figured that one out. I had to buy a new computer on December 28th, and of course it was a whole lot of fooling around to get the new one up.

But then the bomb fell on January 7th at 10 AM. Our auction site, mysteriously went down. At first I thought it was just a short outage and wasn't that concerned. But after a half hour I decided to follow up my e-mial with a phone call. Neither my ISP's phone or fax numbers worked. It was almost like they had been disconnected for a couple of days, which they probably had been.

My ISP software developer had run back to India. I even heard reports that he had stolen money from some of his clients using their credit cards!

Well, that started my nightmare last Tuesday. It is now almost a week later, and I can honestly say that we are in much better shape. The site should go back up in a couple of days with the new software that I found. We are going to run it locally on our own Internet Provider this time so that chances of anyone skipping town are slim. The new software is even open script, which means it can be programmed by others, so even if my provider disappears we will be up and running. With any luck we are in business again indefinitely.

This whole episode has affected me greatly though. I am the type of person who doesn't like it at all when things are working properly. To speed the process my new software developer made a temporary web space for me so that I can do some custom work on the software before we move the domain again. Well, I had trouble sleeping Sunday morning, so I got up at 4AM and worked pretty much the whole day. It is a good thing I really enjoy working with HTML. It was actually a fun day for me working for some 17 hours almost non-stop.

A Zombie? You bet. I was an absolute walking Zombie last night, but feel much better today.

Incidently we are offering a $5.00 credit to anyone who registers in the next week once the site is back up. Normally this credit is for posting auctions, but we will allow it for winning traincity auctions as well for those who get back on the site and register.

Yes, unfortunately when that crooked Indian pulled the plug we lost everything, hook, line, and sinker. So everyone will have to re-register. I really hope this is the last time!

Please, make it stop, make it stop!!!!

Thanks to all of you who despite all our auction site problems over the past two years are still around. I am pretty dog-gone sure that this is the last time we will have this problem. Well let's put it this way. If this happens again, I may well turn into a Zombie for good!

Happy auctioning!

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