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If you've been with us any length of time you know the problems we have had with our auction site since January 7th this year when our old provider/software developer skipped town and shut down our site.

We've had problem after problem with the site, which has been frustrating to say the least. Around three weeks ago we actually had the site running nicely with no problems, then just this past week the temporary server we were using had some sort of a problem. The actual problem was a worm virus hit our provider and they did not handle it well. As far as I know they are still having problems, so we have found a new provider.

I received an e-mail from a person who had subscribed to saying basically that they were sick and tired of hearing of our problems! Well, when you come to think of it, how do you think we feel? This has been horrible. And worse yet it has hit me hard in our gross sales. Although I can relate to the person who wrote me that e-mail. Just want everyone to know, this is not being done on purpose!

At any rate, this last down time has been the worst for me personally as I was on vacation when I found out the site was having problems. I was on the golf course when Jean called telling of the problems the second day. My golfing buddies were not real happy with me because they don't believe in cell phones on the golf course, but this was important, and it was on the 5th hole on some golf course in Orlando, Florida. It was there that I decided our only recourse was to shut the site down since we weren't sure if the problem had been completely fixed or not.

I have just changed the DNS to the new provider and we should be back up and running within a day or two. Hopefully after that the problems will end for good. If not, then I am convinced that either there is a little gremlin following our site around, or maybe ebay doesn't want us up and running! (I know that's not the case, but on some of my more paranoid moments I've thought of that!)

I normally have a pretty good sense of humor. These problems have torn that apart though. I'm not in a very laughable mood at this point. Perhaps in five years and the site has been up and running flawlessly I'll look back and chuckle. I am very hopeful that will be the case!

I just purchased a collection from Houston, Texas. The collection is a very nice Lionel post war collection. My daughter Kathy traveled with me to pick up the collection for a special reason.

Around 12 years ago my sister Beth who lives in Houston sort of pulled away from our family due to a fight we had back then.

I hadn't talked with my sister since that time, but thought I'd give her a call when I found out we would be traveling to Texas to purchase the collection. I didn't know what she would say, but once I did get hold of her, I was very happy to find that she was looking forward to seeing both Kathy and myself while we were in town.

We did get together two nights, and Kathy finally got to meet her three cousins. (She was two when this happened, and didn't remember much.) Every time Beth's name came up she would ask, ‘who is Beth?' I got to meet my great niece for the first time!

We had a great time, and am very happy that we had the opportunity. By the way, the collection is very nice also. You can check it out in our shopping cart system, and on later this week once it is back up.

I purchased a couple of dealer display layouts a couple of months in a collection. They have been sitting in the back room since then, not exactly knowing what I was going to do with them. We have decided to place them in the Stout Auction at York which takes place later this month. If you are looking for something like this, I hope you will check them out. They are nice.

I hope we didn't loose to many people with our auction problems. I know I have been frustrated over it, and really don't blame others trying to use it for becoming frustrated as well. I remember when we used to use ebay how frustrating it was when their system went down for a day, let alone being goofy and unreliable like ours has been for the past 3 months. I seriously believe that it will work fine once we complete the transfer to the permanent site.

Now that I think of it just about every time I have made an announcement that the site was working or advertised the site it has gone down. Last Wednesday I sent 4000 e-mails to interested parties announcing it was up and running, and that is when this latest episode started.

It will be so nice to have this site up and running for the long haul. Please believe me, that will be the case soon. Please stick around. Hopefully it will be worth your patience! And thank you very much for hanging around this long!

I do have plans to purchase at least one collection in early May. There are two others pending, which look very interesting indeed. And we have gobs of new merchandise in stock from recent purchases as well. Hope you find something you can use!

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