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Nine months ago we started making some improvements to our web sites. I had no clue that it would become so complicated and drawn out as it has, but now we have two great sites in this one and

Our shopping cart system on works great and was a very nice replacement for our old one that was screwy at best.

Our constant problems with for the past 4 months has had a terrible affect on our business. Well that stops today. Instead of being in the web site development business, we are going back to what we do best, the train business!

I can't tell you how many buying opportunities I missed because of the problems we had. But now instead of trying to figure out why a software package doesn't work on an ISP, we will be buying and selling trains!

My Son Charlie graduates from Penn State this May. Seems like just yesterday he graduated from High School! At any rate, congratulations Charlie!

Charlie knows computers as that was his major. He's helped us out here a lot when he is home. Recently he gave me a tip that I am going to pass along to you.

I get an enormous amount of spam in my e-mails. I talked with Charlie about this as I was using an older version of Eudora which although it has a spam filter system it was redundant and very time consuming to use. Charlie told me of a program called Mozilla which he now uses. This is the nicest program you can imagine for spam. It is very easy to use and best of all free. Mozilla isn't a company, but an organization of people who had one purpose which was to develop a great browser and email package. They improve it all the time. It is fabulous. What used to take me over a half hour trying to separate the spam from the real e-mails now takes me no more than 5 minutes. If you would like to try this software you can download it at:

I will be leaving for another Florida trip in a couple of days to purchase a nice sized Lionel collection. We are receiving another collection that is being sent in small lots from California. I've already uploaded some of that collection which consists mainly of Lionel and MTH standard gauge to our shopping cart. There will be much more coming. I'm also working on a couple of other collections.

As I had said due to our site problems we have lost a lot of buying opportunities, however now are going to do our best to do some serious train buying. If you have a collection or know of someone who does no matter what size, please contact me.

And don't forget about the new, improved Its up, it's running, and you will find a lot of bargains especially with the problems we had over the past 4 months. Please spread the word that it is up as some people may have lost hope during our dilemma. You are welcome to try placing auctions on the site as well as the cost is much lower than other sites.

Today is a golf day, so I have to get going, get all the work I can done so I can chase that little ball around the cow pasture! Yippee!!!

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