The Train Hedge

It has been so busy here over the past month or so my head is still spinning. It has been way to long since I have updated this page, and Iapologize for that.

You see in the Summer time I have a problem which is golf! Although I will say that golf has taken a back seat this year for the first time. But I still have the Monday night league, and the Tuesday and Wednesday foursomes. I've cut out the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday matches and have concentrated on work more those days.

This year has been different with the web site problems we have had, most of which are now resolved. Truthfully it has been a tough year in other ways in this business and if nothing else it has given me a wake up call to ‘TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS"!!

Not that I wasn't before, but there were some areas we weren't doing a good job on and that had to do with processing lists of trains for sale that we received. We receive so many it is completely overwhelming at times so in the past we just got back to the lists that looked especially good. But now I am taking it more in a business like fashion and doing my best to get back to everyone. Although I am a little behind. In reality we'll never catch up, but we will keep trying.

And our new policy has paid dividends as although they might have been small, I have purchased a number of train collections that I wouldn't have before, thus more trains to sell you! So I hope you will forgive me if I keep this short as I am now behind by seven lists that I'd like to put a dent in this morning.

I don't know if it was some sort of a psycho innovated dream, or just a command from above, but one morning I woke up with an idea. An idea that was so gut wrenchingly weird I actually gave it some serious thought. And now it is becoming reality!

OK, we have this bushy hedge that goes partly around our property. I actually put it in when we lived here to give us some privacy from busy Zuck Road and 32nd Street, but mostly to keep my Son Charlie from running out into the street. He was probably 2 or 3 when I put it in, and it has served it's intended use well over the years.

But now we have moved, and really there is no reason to protect our kids anymore. Well to make a short story long I came up with this idea that maybe the hedge could serve a different purpose in it's very meaningful lifetime.

Then uncontrollably I picked up my trusty hedge trimmers and with an evil smile started my work.

But before we go further into this bushwhacked story let me tell you what I once did a while back when we still lived here. I really shouldn't tell you this because you will probably shake your head and think, ‘what kind of a sick pup is this guy', but well maybe I am.

It was a hot Summer day in the middle of the Summer. I was trimming the hedges when an idea came upon me. It wasn't really an idea, it was an inspiration! I went inside and fetched a food additive, smiled a wicked smile, only to return to my hedge trimmers. I smeared the food additive on my finger, smiled a very evil smile, and started the hedge trimmers. Then after only a minute or two suddenly turned the hedge trimmers off, started screaming, and ran towards my wife showing her my ketchup stained finger, (which of course was bent so you couldn't see the whole thing).

To say the least that's the last time I'll ever do that! When she was done with me I had wished I had cut my finger off. It might have hurt less!

OK, so back to the original story. (Sorry I'm jumping around, I have to go golfing this afternoon and I'm a little jumpy at the thought that I have to work another four hours before I can leave!)

Let me see, where was I? Oh yea, so I got the hedge trimmers and uncontrollably started trimming. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but just kept on letting that trimmer do it's work. Before I knew it, there it was plain as day. A caboose in the hedge. I had carved a caboose in that hedge!

The next day I got hold of those trimmers (or was it they got hold of me) and before I knew it I had carved a tank car out of that hedge.

The next day it was a boxcar, then another boxcar, then another boxcar.

OK, so now I can only imagine what comes next!

Once finished I hope we will have a nice looking hedge train that spans around our property. Only time will tell!

Oh no I am getting that feeling again! (evil smile). Hedge trimmers, come here.......... Sorry gotta go!!!

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