Hello again from Train City. We've been buying, buying, buying more train collections as of late! Just returned from a Trip to Atlantic City, NJ a couple of weeks ago. Also purchased on in Dunkirk, NY last week. I'm negotiating on several others at the present time.

That's the best part of my job, buying trains that is! The buying part is great, but the packing and hauling takes second fiddle. But you have to take the good with the bad!

We have recently restructured the way we are doing business here at Recently I discovered the buy-it-now feature on I had avoided using this feature as I thought that since we already have a shopping cart system on this site it just wasn't needed.

But a good friend and fellow auctioneer told me I was crazy for not using that feature. He told me I should just get rid of the shopping cart system on and just sell trains on choochoo!

My first thoughts were absolutely not. We've been doing it this way for such a long time.....

But then again I remembered how much more traffic we get a and decided to try some buy-it-now auctions. I was certainly surprised when the first auction we placed with that feature sold almost right away.

You know what happened from there. We now have well over 300 on-going auctions on choochoo going now. We were up to 400, but we can't keep up with the volume of business we are doing.

If you aren't familiar with buy-it-now, it works this way. Auctions can place an auction with a below wholesale starting price and a low retail buy-it-now price. If you go to and you see a buy-it-now item that has no bids, you can simply place your user name and password in the special buy-it-now form at the bottom of the auction and the auction ends right then and there.

You will then be notified by e-mail and the process goes from there just as if you had won an auction.

I feel strongly after using this system for several weeks that it is the best way to buy and sell trains possible. I think a lot of other people do too judging by the way our volume of sales has shot up since we started doing it.

At any rate although some appears on this site, more of our new inventory is now being auctioned on Please, if you have never tried it, or if you are hard headed like I was, just check it out. Not only is it fun and a very nice site, but you will see an average of 30 to 40 new items appearing Monday through Friday every day Think of it as an extension to the inventory we show on this site!

If you aren't that familiar with bidding and selling on our auction site. You can click here for more information.

By the way, just in case you didn't know, anyone can place auctions on It's not exclusive to me. So if you are a dealer and want to move more inventory, give it a try! My Son John and his girlfriend ‘Mel' left town a week ago. And that has left me and our staff puppy sitting! This puppy is so much fun, I had forgotten how nice it is to have a dog. I may not give him back when they return.

At any rate if you order something and find teeth marks..... (Just fooling!)

I was supposed to be on a buyin trip to New Hampshire right now as I type this. I was going to pick up a fairly large collection of pre-war Lionel standard gauge. Unfortunately things have been postponed due to some technical problems. I am hopeful this deal will go through as there are many nice items involved. We'll see!

By the way, if you are new to this site, we sure do appreciate your visit. Between this site and I believe we are one of the most active dealers of electric trains on the Internet. 90% of our business comes from the Internet now which is incredible. We recently issued a full page ad in Classic Toy Trains with some of our inventory. We don't run those ads that often because our inventory moves so fast and those ads come out some six weeks after submitting them. If you want to keep up on our inventory though, please bookmark both and You may be surprised at how fast things come and go, and how many interesting trains come through our store!

Well, hard core train season is almost upon us. All we have to do is get rid of some of this warmth and sunshine! (I shudder to think!) Let me know if there is anything we can do for you whether you are buying or selling trains. Don't forget we are always buying trains. I've only run out of money maybe twice. (That's when I'm happiest!)

P. S. If you read my last article about the train hedge, we did it and although you have to use your imagination a little it's there. I'll take some pictures and include them soon. If you are traveling nearby, please stop and let us know what you think!

If you have comments or feedback regarding this article or any subject having to do with electric trains, please feel free to visit our Message Boards, where you can discuss topics related to trains with other train enthusiasts.

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