Happy Holidays

We have been very busy buying train collections as you might realize if you are regular to our train sites. We have been processing new inventory non-stop for the past couple months. The collections seem to be coming in one after another. I am committed to buy the two largest collections of the year in the Month of December.

The first I have to travel to the Cincinnati area. This collection is huge. I've already reserved a big truck to haul it back. The other collection is almost as big and will be coming from the Miami, Florida area. Unfortunately I don't get to travel to buy this one. (Drats!) But it will be delivered to our store.

American Flyer trains will be popping up on choochooauctions.com and this site very soon as the result of a collection I did purchase in Florida recently. There are some nice items in this collection including one of the rarest accessories made in post war American Flyer! (I'd say what it was but dummy me, I can't remember and I'm out of town writing this, so, well duh!!!) You will find out soon enough if you check out choochooauctions.com next week.

This has been one of the most unusual years I have ever seen as far as train dealing. It started out as one of the slowest years ever and is ending up busier than I can remember. I like the later part of this year much better!

My theory as to what happened this past year is that prices have come down especially in Modern trains over the past couple of years. That's a bad thing if you own a train collection, especially if you were buying trains for investment. At any rate I think the beginning of this year saw many people hedging on selling their collections because they realized the market had fallen and sticker shock was a factor.

Since June though we have been purchasing collections left and right. After that time I think people realized it was just the market and started selling. I've had an unbelievable flood of collections since that time.

And yes like the stock market you buy when the market is down. This couldn't be a better time to buy trains!

At any rate, with these two collections I will probably be too busy in December and into the first part of January to seriously purchase collections. We will be concentrating on the selling part of business. This happens almost every year with the exception of last year when the market for buying was pretty dry. Besides that it will take us probably through January to process both of these collections.

To say the least we have been busy with choochooauctions.com. You may or may not notice that we are able now to list more items due to a programming improvement on our processing software. We hope you will visit choochooauctions.com on a regular basis as that is now the center of our business.

I'm a little sad in telling you that Hank Bodamer our shipping clerk had to resign due to health reasons. Hank's a wonderful guy and we will miss him! Hank was my coach when I played in little league baseball here in Erie. My Son John will be filling in until we get a replacement for Hank.

Well I'm going to keep this short as my mind is somewhat blank and it's Thanksgiving day and I have some things other than work to do to day!

We wish you a very safe and happy Holiday Season! (And don't forget to play with those trains!)

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