One Down, One To Go!

You may or may not know but five weeks ago I traveled to the Cincinnati area and picked up a large Lionel collection. Finally I have pretty much finished that collection and most of it appears on That was the largest collection that I purchased last year. A week or two later in December I purchased another collection that was sizable in itself. This one came from Miami, Florida. Unfortunately I didn't pick this one up as it was delivered. I'll be going to the South shortly for a buying trip thank goodness!

col2.jpgWe'll be starting on the new collection tomorrow morning. Here is a picture of some of the collection waiting to be processed.

There actually is still a good pile of ‘stuff' from the first collection and others that I purchased earlier in the year that has to be sold as well. This ‘stuff' will be placed on the auction site as time permits. You know what I mean, the junk, the leftovers, the pieces I can't identify. And the best part for you is they'll start at 2 bucks, so please be watching for those. They always seem to be very popular.

If you've wondered why I haven't been updating this article as much as I used to it's because I am so busy processing collections that I haven't had much time to do so! That's sort of a good thing, but I do like to keep in touch to let you know what is going on more often that I have been able to.

We are using a new system on It is called a bulk Lister. This new system has enabled us to increase our daily auctions from around 20 or so to 40 to 50 auctions per day. It does take a little more time overall to use this new system, but then again we have doubled the number of auctions we are able to start each day, which is great.

We've hired a Russian programer who has been helping us out with the auction software. (Yea, he really does live in Russia! Thanks to the Internet.) You may or may not remember there were some bugs in that software. We are now to the point where all known bugs have been fixed. As a matter of fact we are a little beyond that point as we have been enhancing the software for the past two months or so.

One enhancement to the bulk lister is the fact that we can now control when the bulk auctions start. We have been starting them in five minute intervals starting at 6PM EST so that they don't all end at the exact time. This is really helpful to us and I think we are very much on the right track compared to last year at this time.

If you were with us a year ago, you may remember when disappeared from the Internet on January 7th. That's when the developer of our old auction software and Internet provider decided to disappear suddenly, almost putting us out of business. It took us at least five months to recover and hurt our business immensely! At any rate, that seems to be a bad dream now, as things seem to be going very well as far as the auction site goes.

I'm just hoping that we can get back more of the people that left discouraged because of our problems. Hey if you don't mind, pass the word that is up and running like a clock!

Of course every once in a while the Internet can throw us a curve and the site can go down for reasons having nothing to do with the software or our providers. But as far as our fatal problems, we have taken steps to give us a reasonable assurance we will stay up and running. (Cross my fingers!)

We were so busy in December and the beginning of this month that I didn't have time to go over train collection lists that had been sent to us since the beginning of December. We are slowly but surely catching up, as a matter of fact I have sent out around seven or eight offers over the past week, and hopefully we will be able to buy trains once again. It seems like this happens almost every year. I am very thankful that we purchased the two collections in December as they have kept us busy with fresh new inventory to offer you!

Hey, I'd like to welcome Jim Wyler to our staff. Jim worked with the U. S. Postal Service for a number of years and retired just this past June. Jim is our new shipping clerk and is doing a great job so far. We sincerely appreciate the fact that we were able to get him on our staff.

Hank Bodamer who worked with us for a number of years in that capacity had to retire for medical reasons. We will miss Hank, and wish him the best.

Well, that's about it for now. We certainly do wish everyone a very happy and fruitful New Year.

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