The Big One

I've been buying train collections for years. Never did I ever think a collection like the one I purchased some three or four weeks ago would come along! It's the biggest collection I have ever been involved with!

I've bought some really big collections before, but never any this big. This train collection is so big that it took two 24 foot trucks to haul it back to Erie so we can process it. The collection is so big that we ran out of storage space in our warehouse, and well I can't tell you now, but maybe next time I'll tell you where we have some of the collection stored! This collection is so big and nice that I have been hounded by others who gave bids or helped with it to sell them items they want from it.

The collection is an estate from the Buffalo, NY area. I purchased this collection at a storage area and never saw the house that it was in. However in talking to some people who were in the house I've been told that towards the end the family was afraid for the man because if one of the piles of trains fell on him, well, that would be bad! I was talking with someone in the store just the other day who told me that the man used a walker and there were paths through his house that gave him just enough room to get to the essentials. Otherwise it was floor to ceiling trains!

As I said I purchased the collection around a month ago and I just started processing it yesterday. The reason for the delay was that I had three other collections that I had to process before this one that I had purchased prior to this.

I estimate that it will take me some two to three months to process the entire collection. There are supposed to be over 6000 items in the collection. If that is the case this will double the biggest collection I had purchased prior to this.

There isn't a little bit of everything in this collection. There is a lot of everything!! As I said just yesterday I started on the collection (4/24/04), and although this was only a very small part of the collection, there were a number of different typses of items. These are some of the manufactures I ran into yesterday. Lionel, K-Line, American Flyer, Weaver, Atlas, and MTH. There is some prime Lionel post and Pre-war in the collection as well as American Flyer. Also there is a lot of HO and other gauges and of course many more manufacturers than I mentioned above. He had no layout. Virtually all the modern that I processed yesterday is brand new in the original box.

This is going to be one of those collections that everyday is going to be Christmas for me as I open each carton containing more trains!

Now, the vast majority of this collection will appear on If you haven't registered yet, make sure you do as each and every day there will be new prizes and bargains entered there. Don't forget, my motto is ‘get it and get rid of it!' I do not buy trains and try to sell for the last buck I can possibly get out of each piece. You will find many bargains on our auctions site, so make sure you check it out and register if you aren't already registered.

Speaking of I'd like to caution everyone to be very careful when bidding on auctions from people you don't know. Whether it be ebay or our site there are scam artists out there who would steal money from you.

This is around the third time this has happened on our site alone. An individual from a European Country entered an auction for a rare standard gauge set recently. Someone alerted me about the auction and this is what I had found just before deleting the auction. The individual had copied pictures and text from an auction that had appeared on ebay. The auction on ebay sold for somewhere around 9 to 10K. He started the bogus auction on our site for something like 2K and had a buy-it-now price of around 4K. Of course he was hoping someone would see the bargain and send him a check, and you can probably figure out what happens from there. (Or doesn't happen!)

Please if you see anything fishy on any site, make sure you report it. The best policy before sending money to an unknown especially over-seas is to make absolute certain that it is a real person and a real auction!

Last but not least. OK, you got me. Last time I wrote about my train collection and how I was going to sell it. Well I may still do so, but I'm sort of in the procrastination stage at this point. I hate it when people do this to me, and now I am doing it to others. But I am the wiser for knowing how hard it is to let go of something you love. So whether or not I'll sell it, I don't know, but we'll see.

Well, back to work. I have it cut out for me with this new collection! Yippeeeeeee!!!!

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