Help! We Need To Buy Trains!

Even though I've bought over 20 train collections so far this year, our inventory is getting dangerously low! The collections we've bought have been on the small side and it is like a war. We need more ammo!!!! We specialize in larger collections, but will work with anyone with a train collection.

So if you know of anyone with a train collection for sale, I am buying. Ironically this time last year we weren't buying because we had purchased a huge train collection and were completely out of space. It is funny how things change!

Keep in mind that when our inventory is low our buy prices are highest. When I am in need of inventory, that's the time to contact me! Many people feel that just before the holiday's is the best time, but that is usually when my inventory is pretty high. So if you've been waiting for a reason to sell, here it is!

We also pay finder's fees if you know of someone who has a collection who hasn't already contacted us.

For more information on selling to us, please click here!

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Revised 4/9/05
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