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I don't want to change our luck in buying train collections by changing the subject on this page, but I'd better. Yes we have bought a number of train collections over the last couple of months to say the least. But as fast as we buy them we are selling them mainly because of our fast turnover system.

I don't think some people understand our marketing system and how many deals you can find on! I could give you a number of examples, but the best one would be if you've never tried our auction site, click here and check it out. It's not only fun and exciting, but you can get some truly great deals there. Try it, you'll like it.

And on that note I understand that Stout Auctions is no longer in the on-line auction business. I heard this from Bob Zimmer who e-mailed me with the news. Then I contacted Stout auctions themselves. They sited the fact that they weren't using the site themselves, there was no revenue because they weren't charging for auctions, and that their software is old and in need of maintenance which can be expensive. So they called it quits.

I can relate to software problems. If you've been with us, you know we have had our share of problems with our software. Just this past week I paid over $400.00 to have two small bugs in our software fixed. But I am happy to say that I believe the money was well worth it because the de-bugging has seemed to do the trick. We still have a couple of others, but they don't involve bidding, so we'll wait to get those fixed.

At one point when we were having serious problems with our auction site I almost threw in the towel myself and went to ebay. But the cost of auctioning the volume we do on ebay would be ridiculous and that is the only fact that gave me motivation to keep our auction site up. And I'm glad we did as our site seems to be in great shape. (I hope I don't regret saying that, as in the old days every time I said something like that the site broke.) Hopefully we are over that period of time.

You might remember in my last writing I was begging to buy train collections. Well obviously we have purchased many collections since then. This week alone we will have purchased five collections larger than $12,000.00 retail each. We are still in need of trains mainly because I am warehousing the collections now so we won't run out of inventory to auction. We have come close to running out of fresh inventory, but haven't gone over the edge in a couple of years. I am committed to continue to buy even when our inventory is high unless we run out of money. I still have plenty of money left, so keep those collections coming!

One of the collections we purchased was an American Flyer which came off of a beautiful layout display. I have pictures of this display, and plan on putting them in our ‘collection' area on this site soon. Please stay tuned for that. This was one of the nicest American Flyer displays I've seen. I cringed to know that it would be destroyed shortly after my visit.

We are doing a make over at our store. This past week we had a new front door installed on the east front end of the store. That is inactive at this time, but once we are done rearranging the store that will in fact be the front door of our store. Our old door on the west side of the store will become our shipping and receiving door which will not be open to the public. [The new door is on the right side of this picture.]

door.jpg - 32149 Bytes

The size of the store will be a little smaller, but we will make up for that by eliminating some wasted space, so the actual store area will actually be almost as big as before.

It became necessary to do something mainly because the vast majority of our business is through the mail and we needed more room for packing and shipping.

In the next couple of weeks if you visit our store and are confused as to which door to use, it'll be the old one. But soon we'll really have everyone confused when we change to our new store door! I hope this is progress. We'll see!

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