Buying Information

This letter generally is received with my proposed price that I offer for collections. But why not make it available before you send me a list of what you have for sale? So here's how we do business:

This accompanying letter, hopefully will give you sufficient information about myself and business that will help you feel more comfortable in doing business with me.

My business is based on honesty and reliability. Over the years I have established an excellent reputation. I hope you will allow me to prove this to you.

I have been dealing in collectable electric trains at the same address since 1981. In that time I have purchased millions of dollars worth of trains. I am always in the market to buy trains.

I also sell trains nationally (through mail order), locally (through my store front), and regionally (at train shows). Trains are my only business.

At least 25% of the train items I have purchased in the past years have been from dealers. I have also traveled virtually across the country buying trains on larger deals.

My store name is listed under Train City in the present Erie phone book (yellow page heading Hobbies). That book should be available in any local library. I also do business with Lionel Trains, Inc. (810) 949-4100, Service Station #277, and Value Added Dealer. Walther's Distributing (414) 527-0770 (refer to dealer #69390). Kalmback Publishing Co. (800) 558-1544 (talk to Fred Hamilton). Great Planes Distributors (800) 637-7660 (refer to dealer # 3785). My Train Collectors of America (TCA) number is 85-22906. Please call if you would like more references. Please check my references to your satisfaction. I recommend very strongly, whoever you do business with that you have good references, and check them thoroughly. There are people out there who are dishonest, unfortunately!

How to proceed from here. If my offer is acceptable to you, please call for phone confirmation as soon as possible.

I do travel for most collections exceeding an offer value of $25,000.00. That isn't written in stone, as there are some exceptions for which I would travel for collections that are valued below that amount. Please call for more information. Most of the collections I purchase are either through the mail, or delivered personally.

If you prefer to mail your collection, please package your trains very carefully, and insure them for at least my offer amount. Number each package, include your phone number, address and an inventory of what is being shipped. This should be located in package #1. If items are graded correctly and/or we come to agreement on price for over graded items*, I will pay 1/2 of your shipping fees for collections in the continental US, based on UPS ground rates plus UPS insurance. These are the most reasonable rates. Some secondary shippers charge as much as two times UPS's normal rate. Of course, you may ship via any carrier you wish, but please keep in mind, I will figure your postage reimbursement based on UPS ground. If you request, I will call you within 48 hours to confirm receipt. Your payment will be mailed promptly.

Grading: I purchase items at the same grade I sell them. Correct grading is absolutely essential for the price I am quoting you. The following is how I grade:

New (Mint): Absolutely never used. No scratches or dents. No sign of use. Always with the original box.

Like New: To look at the item you would say that it looks new except for light wear on the wheels. No dust from sitting on the shelf, and no signs of dust being removed. I grade a new item that does not have the original box like new.

Excellent: Exceptionally clean. No chips or problems. Minute scratches and very little wear from use. Dusty like new items are in this category.

Very Good: Average use. A few scratches, no dents, or rust. (Light surface rust is acceptable if it can be easily removed.) A nice, clean item.

Good: Scratched, some dents, dirty, usually I call it not so good.

Fair: Well scratched, chipped, rust, or not very pleasant to look at.

If after looking over my grading you feel possibly you have over graded some or all items, please give me a call anyway. I am still interested, but this would alter my offer price.

If I receive your trains and grading is a problem, I reserve the right to return all or a portion of your trains at your cost for shipping. I also reserve the right to refuse payment to you for your shipping charges. I am not concerned that much if one or two items are over graded. But if there is a general trend of over grading, this will cause a problem which will have to be adjusted by a lower price, or items involved being returned at your cost. Please be accurate with your grading and don't waste your time and mine.

I do not pay travel expenses for personal delivery. However if this would be your preference, I would welcome you visiting our store. If you would like to deliver your collection in person, please call, and we will make special arrangements that will be convenient to your schedule.

If you have any questions at any time, please give me a call.

P. S. Please keep in mind that due to the number of offers I receive, I normally hold lists on file for a limited time after my reply. I reserve the right to withdraw any offer before confirmation has been established over the phone.

Revised: 4/8/98
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