Wanted To Buy: Electric Trains

'I'm always buying Lionel, American Flyer, Marx and other collectable mfgs train Collections. I want to spend $1,000,000.00 this year.........'

That is an excerpt from some of the ads that I have been running in 'Classic Toy Trains' and "O Gauge Railroading" for years. As a matter of fact, I have been advertising to buy trains longer than anyone else around. My name is Charles Siegel, and I make my living buying and selling electric trains. If you think about it, I wouldn't be able to advertise the way I do year after year unless what I say in my ad wasn't true.

I've purchased millions of dollars worth of electric trains over the years, and honesty and integrity are the absolute most important aspects of my business. I've been advertising that fact for years, and I mean it! When I say I will do something, you can bet it will be done. When I state something, you can bet it is the truth to the best of my knowledge. I feel strongly that there is no better asset for a business than it's reputation. And if you check around, you will find that I have one of the best reputations in the train business. If you decide to sell your collection, how should you start? The best way to start is by making a list of the items in your collection with grading indications as well as item descriptions. Include your email address as this is the fastest way for me to reply. I do like to put things on paper so that there are no mis-understandings later.

If you feel that you would like to contact me first, feel free to call me at 814.833.8313. Or email me. I would be more than happy to talk with you about the process. I am up-front and honest, and I want you to deal with confidence like so many others have in the past. Tell me what you have for sale, and if possible give me your asking price. I do travel on some collections, but most are sent or delivered. One of my favorite things is traveling, and that is a possibility. I want to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Please keep in mind that this is my only business. I can not stay in business unless I have trains to sell, so I am always buying, and paying very competitive prices, if not the highest around. So please give us a shot. We would sincerely appreciate your consideration when it comes time to sell your collection. I do receive many lists, so if you send me yours and don't hear back within a reasonable time, please contact me and ask why. Although it doesn't happen very often, occasionally I do misplace lists. I found one on my desk under some other papers just the other day. Another time I received a fax, but didn't realize it because it came in with a distributor's fax and it was misplaced. I try my best to get back to everyone who takes the time to contact me.

There is more about myself on either of my web sites: traincity.com or choochooauctions.com. I sincerely hope that you will consider me when it comes time to sell.


Charles Siegel

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