Instant Check Orders

You can order instantly by check by filling out the following form with your check data information. We will print a check for you, which will be returned with your statement as usual. We simply require that you to check the authorization box, which gives us authorization to print the check for you. (This is currently available for established customers only.) We require new customers to fax your check to 814 838 -3237.

I am sorry to say that this is not integrated with our database yet, so if you order on-line, indicate that you are sending a check, and as soon as we receive this form we will process your order and send it. The two different forms (check form and order form) must be submitted separately at this time.

You only need fill this form out once, as we will keep your check information on file, and should you order with the same check number again, you can inform us that it is on file, along with the check number that you will record in your check register.

Once the form is completed, simply click on the submit button at the bottom of the form. All fields must be completed.

First Name

Last Name

Address as it appears on your check


State or Province

Zip or Postal Code


E-Mail Address

Account Holder's Name on the Check

Check Number (record this check as made out to Train City)

Name of Bank

City and State or Province where Bank is located

Fractional ABA number (for USA banks only - looks like 91-210/1225)

9 digit Bank Routing or Transit Number
(Canadians MUST put a hyphen in the 6th position
all funds are US Dollars)

Your Account Number (include spaces and hyphens)

  By checking this box, I authorize Train City to print a check draft on my bank for the amount of my current order. I understand that this check will appear just like any other check on my monthly bank statement. (You must click on the box, or we cannot process your order.)

(Please make sure the form is complete and accurate AND NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE A $20 CHARGE FOR RETURNED CHECKS)

For questions or comments, please email or call us at (814) 833-8313. Fax: (814) 838-3237
Train City, 3133 Zuck Road, Erie, Pa. 16506
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