My Collection

I have this train collection that is stored away for no one to see. So I thought it might be nice if no one could actually see my collection in person, at least they could see it in JPG form.

Actually the reason I don't display my collection in the store is because when I did, people wanted to buy items out of it, and I didn't want to sell of course. And sometimes people got mad at me for that. So unless you are willing to go around double retail on any item, please don't ask!!

This is the first time I have actually had my entire collection out at one time. I found some things I didn't remember, and I didn't find some things I thought I had. I was surprised to find two 2322 Virginians. I'll have to check to see if they are different variations. If not, maybe the owner of Train City will let me trade one in for something I don't have. (He's a nice man!!)

My collection is not gigantic. I try to keep most of my money in the business, and not in my collection. But when I buy collections and I see something I really like, usually the owner of Train City gives me a nice deal. So humble as it may be, it is mine, and I really like it.

The items I collect mainly are very high grade, or hard to find items. I collect both American Flyer and Lionel. Well actually I'd collect anything if it is nice and in a box. My favorite piece is the 68 Inspection Car. It is as close to mint as I have found, and you don't see many of those! Probably the rarest item is a recent addition. I found the 462 Derrick Platform in a collection I purchased in North Dakota. I had never seen one, and it is pretty close to mint also if not actually mint. I could go on and on, but hey, the pictures speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy this. I plan on updating this when I purchase new items as this is a great way to keep track of my collection!

pcoa00353.jpg pcoa00566.jpg pcoa00740.jpg pcoa00789.jpg
pcoa20440.jpg pcoa23830.jpg pcoa26421.jpg pcol00044.jpg
pcol00052.jpg pcol00055.jpg pcol00060.jpg pcol00068.jpg
pcol00115.jpg pcol00299.jpg pcol00390.jpg pcol00462.jpg
pcol00602.jpg pcol00624.jpg pcol00646.jpg pcol00681.jpg
pcol00726rr.jpg pcol00746.jpg pcol007731.jpg pcol007732.jpg
pcol01045.jpg pcol01100.jpg pcol01105.jpg pcol02046.jpg
pcol023221.jpg pcol023222.jpg pcol02338.jpg pcol02340.jpg
pcol02344.jpg pcol02360.jpg pcol02379.jpg pcol02541.jpg
pcol06250.jpg pcol06416.jpg pcol06464325.jpg pcol06464450.jpg
pcol06464450t.jpg pcol06517.jpg pcollibmag.jpg

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