Dan and Korina's Train Collection

I had the pleasure of buying a train collection recently from Dan Cacchetti who lives near Pittsburgh.

Dan and I negotiated what I feel to be a very fair deal on his entire train collection. He had sent me a video and list to study just a couple of days before we got together, and it didn't take me long to decide I wanted to buy his collection.

His collection has some of the nicest post war Lionel trains I've seen in some time. Almost every piece in the collection grades Excellent or better.

Technically this isn't Dan's collection alone. His daughter Korina and Dan both put this thing together over the past several years, That is once Korina was big enough to help Dad run them!

Dan and his wife have four wonderful girls, who I was fortunate enough to meet. They live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, and are toying with the idea of moving. I've found over the years moving is the biggest reason for selling a collection, which makes sense.

Today is March 11, 2001, and yesterday I made the trek down I-79 to meet Dan and his family. It didn't take long after arriving to know that what Dan had told me about the condition of the overall collection was absolutely correct. You will see some beautiful items in the pictures below.

Dan and Korina's layout is spectacular for an 8 foot by 8 foot layout! Just look at some of the pictures below. I've never seen a layout that had so many trains and accessories in that small of an area before.

The post war display also had four layers of trains on those shelves. Dan and Korena sure know how to use their space efficiently.

Dan not only collects trains, but loves 50's and 60's era items. It brought back memories I hadn't thought of for a long time just visiting him in his house. One of the items that stood out was the 7-UP soda machine that you insert 10 cents and then slide that soda out. I remember those from the YMCA when I was a kid. (And that reminds me of the train races at the Y'.) Wow!!

We had lunch watching The Andy Griffith show on his 1950s era black and white TV. It brought back memories as Dan kept having to get up to stop that picture from rolling over. Oh how television has improved from those days. But it was still fun watching it on that old TV.

I arrived at his house at around 9:45 AM, and anticipated getting done by 3PM or so. Well, by 6 PM, I knew I was in trouble. We finally shook hands at 8:30 PM, and I drove away, semi-incoherent! I think that is the longest I have ever been at anyone's house to buy a collection. Just shows you there will be a whole lot of beautiful trains showing up at traincity.com and choochooauctions.com over the next couple of weeks.

At any rate, I'd like to thank Dan, his Wife, and Kids for putting up with me. I promise I'll buy you a new aquarium and fish as soon as I can sell some of your collection!!!

Daniel Cecchetti.
8 X 8 layout!
danc05.jpg danc06.jpg danc07.jpg danc08.jpg
Employee's Coke set!
danc09.jpg danc10.jpg danc11.jpg danc12.jpg
danc13.jpg danc14.jpg
Night falls!
Fabulous motorized units.
danc17.jpg danc18.jpg danc19.jpg
Four trains deep!
Modern Lionel also.
Empty now!

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