Train City Site Help

In July, 1999 we made some major improvements to our site. If this is your first visit for a while, the site will look different, and it may take you a couple of minutes to get used to the changes.

You will notice that the menu is located at the top of the page instead of the left side. The pages are optimised when viewing through 800 X 600 pixels. However our pages function well while viewing 640 X 480, or any higher resolution. The pages will look best using 800 X 600.

When viewing 640 X 480, you should have a scrol bar at the top of the pages in the menu as well as the main body pages below. With higher resolution, this shouldn't be the case. It is important if you see the scroll bar that you realise that you must scroll to the bottom of the menu page in order to see the menu, which will allow you to navigate throughout our pages.

Our pages have been updated mainly to improve the functionality and ease of use. You will notice that the top menu will appear regardless of where you go in our pages. However sometimes the contents of the menu will change. For instance if you click on the 'ordering info' selection, the menu will change, however all ofther features above the menu will remain the same.

We have illiminated the Search and Order section, since that is always at your fingertips, above the menu, no matter where you go in our site. As a matter of fact if you search and start an order, you may click on a different section of our pages, and then go 'back' to the shopping cart section, and your order will still be intact.

Below the 'search' and 'browse features are the text lists. These are actually hyperlinks in black. Simply click on any selection, and the list will appear below the menu.

Next to the text lists are the control buttons for the shopping cart system. You can show your order at any time while you have items in the shopping cart, and finish your order anytime while you are connected.

If you have any problems while visiting our pages, please let us know.

Thank you for using our new pages, and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Revised: 6/28/99
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