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Items shown on this list are not for sale. This is a price guide generated from our database on past sales history. Items appearing on this list have been sold and are no longer in our inventory. This information is for those surfing our site. We hope it is helpful to you.

Lionel MPC Classics O Gauge Generated 10/09/02

DESCRIPTION                         GRADE              DATE   PRICE

13801 THE '126' LIONELVILLE STATION NEW OB             1998     199
51000 HIAWATHA SET                  LN OSB             1998     779
51000 HIAWATHA SET                  LN OSB (NO PAPER   2001     799
51000 HIAWATHA SET                  EXCELLENT          2001     599
51001 #44 FREIGHT SPECIAL SET       NEW OB             2001     469
51001 #44 FRIEGHT SPECIAL SET       LN OB              1998     529
51004 BLUE COMET SET                NEW 0B             1997    1095
51201 RAIL CHIEF CARS               NEW OB             2001     399

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