Help Wanted

Train Collection Appraiser Assistant
It is much preferred that the applicant be local to Erie, Pa, however it is open to anywhere via fax and email.

I am looking for a very honest and reliable person who has knowledge of current train market prices to evaluate, tally and summarize prices for train collection lists that I receive so that I can make appropriate decisions on offers based on this data.

This is a new part time position. You will receive hourly wages and a percentage of successful purchases.

This position is being created due to the fact that I am not able to keep up with the number of trains for sale lists that I am receiving. However the number of lists I receive fluctuates, making this a 'work as available' type position with very flexible hours Ďas needed'.

If you have an interest please contact me via email or letter with your qualifications for the position and references.

Auction Coordinator.
This position is for someone local to Erie, Pa. with knowledge of American Flyer, Lionel, and other tin-plate type trains.

I am looking for someone to take over selecting and dictating on-line auctions for Don't quit your daytime job for this as it will entail approximately 2 hours of time a day 5 or 6 days a week. It would be perfect for someone retired who has knowledge of electric trains.

If you have an interest, please contact me via email with your qualifications for the position and references.

I would consider one person to take on both positions, but they would have to be local to Erie, Pa.

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